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    Meet the wacky cast of the Warner Bros/Steven Spielberg-produced cartoon Animaniacs and its spin-off Pinky and The Brain. They are categorized by which characters starred in which segments. The characters that show up in Pinky and The Brain, including Pinky and the Brain, who started as characters as part of a segment of Animaniacs, should get listed in the Pinky and The Brain Character Sheet.

    The Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister)

    Main and Major Supporting Characters

    Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner

    WarnerSibs 277.jpg

    The Warner siblings who are the most prominent stars of the show, and as such, get the most screentime. According to the show's backstory, they were created to serve as comic relief to the very dull Looney Tunes character Buddy, but proved to be so troublesome that they were locked in the Warner Bros. Studio Water Tower. Yakko is the talkative, Groucho Marx-esque one who just wears pants, Wakko is the short one with a baseball cap and an extreme appetite, and Dot is the cute one. Voiced by Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, and Tress MacNeille, respectively.

    Tropes that apply to Yakko:

    Tropes that apply to Wakko:

    Tropes that apply to Dot:

    Tropes that apply to two or all three of them:


    Jeff Bennett: Animaniacs gives you pants and no pants conveniently in one show!
    Wakko: I have pants! See?
    Jeff: Liar liar, pants on fire!


    Ralph Timothy Guard

    Ralph7 1378.jpg

    An overweight Warner Bros. studio security guard who is always trying, but never succeeding, to capture the Warners and return them to the water tower. Voiced by Frank Welker.

    Dr. Otto von Scratchansniff

    DrScratchansniff 5954.jpg

    The Warner Bros. studio psychiatrist. He has the unfortunate duty of trying to tame the Warners, which always leads to him getting utterly frustrated (and in the case of his first sessions with them, tearing out his hair). Voiced by Rob Paulsen.

    Hello Nurse

    HelloNurse6 2754.jpg

    Heloise Nerz, Scratchansniff's ravishing assistant whom Yakko and Wakko have the hots for. As you can guess, she is the Trope Namer for Hello, Nurse!. Voiced by Tress MacNeille.

    Her name is confirmed in this tweet by Tom Ruegger.

    Thaddeus Plotz

    The CEO of Warner Bros. (in-universe, that is). Voiced by Frank Welker.

    Minor Supporting and Recurring Characters

    Mr. Director

    A crazy director who looks, sounds, and behaves like a young Jerry Lewis. Voiced by Paul Rugg.


    Take the word 'animal'. Transpose the letters 'n' and 'm' and you get 'aminal'. That, in a nutshell, is comedy.


    Ms. Flamiel

    A schoolteacher who sometimes tries to educate the Warners, only for them to frustrate her in the process. Voiced by Tress MacNeille.

    Baloney the Dinosaur

    A sappy orange and light blue dinosaur who is an obvious parody of Barney and Friends. One of the few things the Warners are afraid of. Voiced by Jeff Bennett.

    Francis "Pip" Pumphandle

    Dot's Pet

    A monstrous creature who is always kept inside a small, white box. The creature's appearance is inconsistent and its color varied, but its most common forms are a large bull-like creature, a plant parodying The Little Shop of Horrors, and a hairy form with enormous teeth. In one case, Mr. Director was her pet.

    One-Shot Characters

    Professor Otto von Schnitzelbuskrankengescheitmeier

    A fat, jolly German guy who taught the Warners the international friendship song.

    Sodarn Hissane

    A pastishe of Saddam Hussein who appears as the antagonist of "Baghdad Cafe", a Crossover episode starring Yakko, Wakko, Dot, and Slappy.

    • Cameo: In "Hot, Bothered, and Bedeviled".

    Wally Llama

    Mr. Gobble

    Yakko, Wakko, and Dot's pet turkey who runs and dances to the tune of Turkey In The Straw.

    Howie Tern

    The Survey Ladies

    Two women who pester Yakko, Wakko, and Dot with a survey involving George Wendt and Beans.

    Fermin Flaxseed

    Dan Anchorman

    A conceited news anchorman for the fictitious Newstime Live programme who refused to pay Yakko, Wakko, and Dot for a sandwich he had ordered. Voiced by Phil Hartman.

    Duanne Sewer

    A rival newsreader of the fictitious Newstime Live program and anchorwoman in Washington DC who appears in the episode "Broadcast Nuisance".

    Wolf Spritzer

    A newsreporter for the fictitious Newstime Live program who appears in "Broadcast Nuisance".


    An archetypically portrayed Grim Reaper, with black robe, skeletal appearance, and scythe who speaks with a Swedish accent.


    Calhoun Q. Capybara and Who-Who the Ring-Tailed Lemur

    The Tiger Prince

    Slappy and Skippy Squirrel

    Main and Major Supporting Characters

    Slappy Squirrel

    Slappy15 2963.jpg

    A cranky squirrel who was once a Looney Tunes star (in-universe, that is). Voiced by Sherri Stoner, who was also one of the show's chief writers.


    Skippy: Could you tell me why there's a bird living on my head?
    Slappy: A bird? I thought that was a new yarmulke.


    Skippy Squirrel

    SkippyHappy 2128.jpg

    Slappy's nephew who looks up to her. Voiced by Nathan Ruegger.

    Walter Wolf, Sid the Squid, and Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison

    Walter Wolf Sid the Squid and Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison 1024.jpg

    Three of Slappy's old nemesises from her cartoons, who continually plot revenge on her, but still never succeed at doing her in. Walter was initially voiced by Frank Welker but for his remaining appearances he was voiced by Jess Harnell for unknown reasons, Sid was voiced by Jackie Burns and Beanie was voiced by Avery Schreiber.

    Tropes that apply to Walter Wolf:

    Tropes that apply to Sid the Squid:

    Tropes that apply to Beanie:

    Tropes that apply to two or all three of them:

    • Butt Monkey: They're Slappy's Rogues Gallery. They pretty much exist to take abuse. Not that they don't invite it upon themselves....
    • Paper-Thin Disguise: As Slappy always says, "Now this is just sad". Half the time Skippy is the one to recognize them first, and he's used to seeing them undisguised and young in his aunt's old cartoons.

    Minor Supporting, Recurring Character, and One Shot Characters

    Candie Chipmunk

    Stinkbomb D. Bassett

    Bumpo Bassett

    • Running Gag: He wants to smell his grandfather, Stinkbomb.

    Doug the Dog

    Codger Eggbert

    Lene Hisskill


    The squirrel who bullied Skippy in "Bully for Skippy".


    Main and Major Supporting Characters

    The Goodfeathers

    Goodfeathers 879.png

    Bobby is the leader of the main three pigeons. Depending on his mood, he can be the Only Sane Man who tries to keep Pesto in line or just sit back and laugh at Squit's misfortune. Pesto is the pigeon with a Hair-Trigger Temper, and is prone to taking offense at any comment given to him, even if it's in a good light, and beats up Squit for it. Squit is the rookie who joins the Goodfeathers in the first short and spends the rest of them surviving day to day life in the constant presence of the ever-violent Pesto.

    Tropes that apply to Squit:

    Tropes that apply to Pesto:

    Tropes that apply to Bobby:

    Tropes that apply to two or all three of them:

    Solley (a.k.a. The Godpigeon)

    Char 40444 4715.jpg

    The Don of the Goodfeathers enterprise. Typically enters a scene, dispenses some vaguely wise-sounding gibberish, chuckles a little and leaves. Held in very high regard by the other birds.

    The Girlfeathers, Sasha, Kiki, and Lana

    The Girlfeathers 2281.jpg

    Sasha is Squit's girlfriend and Pesto's sister, Kiki is Pesto's girlfriend, and Lana is Bobby's girlfriend.

    Minor Supporting, Recurring Character, and One Shot Characters

    Steven Seagull

    Pesto and Sasha's stepfather.



    Rita and Runt

    The Main Duo

    Rita and Runt

    Rita and runt 6403.gif

    A stray cat and dog trying to find a home for themselves.

    Tropes that apply to Rita:

    Tropes that apply to Runt:

    Tropes that apply to both:

    Supporting, Recurring Character, and One Shot Characters

    Dr. Phrankenstein


    He is Dr. Phrankenstein's creation intended to destroy the world, but he is really just a playful dog who wants to have fun.

    Mr. Squeak

    Dr. Phrankenstein's faithful pet rat.

    Mrs. Mumphead

    An eccentric old lady who constantly hums to herself and appears in the crossover episode "No Place Like Homeless".

    Crackers the Parrot

    Mrs. Mumphead's aggressive pet parrot.

    Mr. Tristesse

    Kitty Litter, Kitty Ducockis, and Cat Ballue

    Marabella Maybeloota Missy McCoy

    Kiki the Gorilla

    Sykes the Crow

    Mindy and Buttons

    Mindy and Buttons

    Mindyandbuttons1 5897.jpg

    A send up of Lassie. Mindy Sadlier is a toddler who constantly wanders off into dangerous situations prompting her dog, Buttons, to keep her out of it at the expense of his safety.

    Tropes that apply to Mindy:

    Tropes that apply to Buttons:

    Tropes that apply to both:

    Mindy's Mom

    A woman who Mindy always calls "Lady", except in Wakkos Wish, in which she finally calls her "Mom."

    Mindy's Dad

    A man who Mindy always calls "Mr. Man."

    Minerva Mink

    Minerva Mink

    Minerva mink1 5320.png

    A mink who is so beautiful she causes all men around her to go crazy for her.


    Wilford B. Wolf

    Trudy's Cousin

    The Hip Hippos

    Flavio and Marita (The Hip Hippos)

    116882 6849.jpg

    A rich pair of hippos who speak with Spanish accents who moved out of Africa and into a penthouse. Followed around by a zoologist named Gena Embryo who tries to keep them out of danger since the two are on the endangered list, but usually ends up battered in the process.

    Gena Embryo

    The zoologist who follows Flavio and Marita and tries to protect them because she considers the two to be on the endangered species list, but usually ends up battered in the process. She seems unaware that the hippos can look after themselves.

    Other Segments and Characters

    Katie Ka-Boom

    A teenage girl who gets so much stress from her family that she literally turns into a monster in each segment. Voiced by Laura Mooney.


    Katie Ka-Boom's little brother.

    The Mime

    Animaniacsmime 687.jpg

    The star of the "Mime Time" segments, who always gets injured trying to silently mimic what the narrator is describing.

    Chicken Boo

    Mr. Skullhead

    Colin, a.k.a., The Randy Beamen Kid

    Kbye 2 432.png

    Baynarts "Charlton" Woodchuck

    An aspiring woodchuck actor from Wheatina, Kansas.

    The Flame

    A childlike candle flame who shows up at important historical events like Jefferson's authoring of The Declaration of Independence and Longfellow's writing of Paul Revere's Ride. Voiced by Luke Ruegger.


    A baby bluebird who hatches while the mother bluebird is away. He sees a F-117 Nighthawk fly by and mistakes it for his mother. Voiced by Cody Ruegger.


    250px-BuddyOnAnimaniacs 1327.jpg

    One of the original stars of the Warner Bros. cartoon studio, Buddy was hastily created by animator Earl Duvall as an ersatz of Bosko the Talk Ink Kid, and from late 1933 to 1935, he served as the lead star of the Looney Tunes shorts. In real life, the character was reviled by the staff due to his complete and utter lack of personality, only magnified by the dull, plotless cartoons he starred in, and was immediately phased out once Porky Pig became the studio mascot. In-universe, he was upstaged by Yakko, Wakko and Dot, who were brought in to spice up his boring cartoons by bashing him in the head over and over again with a mallet. His sole appearance in the series is in "The Warners 65th Anniversary Special", where he comes back as a villain in an attempt to get revenge on the trio for destroying his career.

    Mary Hartless

    Wakko's Wish Characters

    King Salazar The Pushy

    The Warner Sib's Parents[1]

    • Overly Long Name: The Warner Sibs' Mom, Queen Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Second

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    1. King William the Good and Queen Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Second.