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Yakko: It's that time again!
Dot: To make a cheese sandwich?
Wakko: To make the FOX censors cry?

Animaniacs rivals Rocko's Modern Life in terms of the sheer amount of radar-breaking as far as 1990s kids' cartoons are concerned. The show packed in a large amount of "adult-friendly" jokes during its run. In general, "Goodnight, everybody!" is a good sign that the joke they just did has pissed off another censor.

Yakko: Number-one Sister, dust for prints!
(time passes; pan over to Dot carrying {then "The Artist Formerly Known As"} Prince)
Dot: I found Prince!
Yakko: No, no, no, fingerprints!
Dot: (stares briefly at Prince {who grins}, then back at Yakko) I don't think so. (tosses Prince out a nearby porthole)

  • And they were just short of blatant in King Yakko:

Prime Minister Nurse: Your Highness, it's time to meet your Cabinet.

Yakko (to an actual cabinet): Hi there, how are you doing?

Prime Minister Nurse: Sire?

Yakko: Wait 'til we're alone...

    • And what makes that above exchange even more innuendo-filled is that he peeks inside the cabinet's drawers during the exchange.
    • Also from that episode: Hello Nurse does a curtsy and asks "May I present myself?" -- and as she's doing this, Yakko and Wakko are looking up her dress.
    • Evidence exists that maybe they did the classic Looney Tunes trick of making even worse gags as sacrifices. here is a cel from the same cartoon of Yakko distracting Prime Minister Nurse with his face wedged snugly in her chest.
  • One of the favorite gags is Yakko and his sibs reacting with horror to a word that only sounds dirty:

Beethoven: I am Ludwig Van Beethoven! Vorld famous composer, und pianist!
Yakko: You're a WHAT?!
Beethoven: A PIANIST!
Yakko: (smooch) Goodnight everybody!
Beethoven (confused): But zat is vat I am! A pianist!
Yakko: I think we've heard enough out of you! (proceeds to wash out his mouth with soap)

    • And also:

Yakko: Hey, did you know there's P. P. on your smock?

      • Later, in the same episode:
  • When the Warners are forced to attend educational classes:

Teacher: Yakko, can you conjugate?
Yakko: Who, ME? I've never even kissed a girl.
Teacher: No, no, no! It's easy. I'll conjugate with you.
Yakko: (to the audience) Goodnight, everybody!

Teacher: You don't understand. I'll go to the board and show you.

Yakko: (to the audience) Don't look.

  • In one episode, Dr. Scratchensniff got a parking ticket and Yakko was his legal representation in traffic court. There was a bit of a running gag that was obvious enough for us kids to get:

Judge: Have you subpoenaed the witness?
Yakko: Have I what?
Judge: Subpoenaed! Subpoenaed! Have you subpoenaed the witness?!
Yakko: I most certainly have not! You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting it!
(later, while he's questioning the meter maid that gave the ticket)
Yakko: Why did you give Dr. Scratchensniff a ticket?
Meter Maid: His parking meter had expired. That's a violation of the Burbank Penal Code.
Yakko: The what?
Meter Maid: The penal code! The penal code!
Yakko (to the judge): You know, the two of you oughta get together.

  • There were a few scenes when Hello Nurse would be called to escort the Warners away; Yakko and Wakko would sometimes be staring at her breasts.
  • Or:

Yakko (practicing a polite greeting with Hello Nurse): "How do you do...that thing with your mouth?!"

  • In one episode, the Warners constantly foil a hunter's attempts to shoot their pet turkey.

Hunter: Give me the bird!
Yakko: We'd love to, really, but the FOX censors won't allow us!

    • Or when Beethoven calls them peasants:

Yakko: We're not pheasants! We're not even birds! But I'd like to give you a bird! Here! (Wakko stuffs a turkey down his jacket)

    • Also done in "A Pun For Hire" while fighting over a bird statue.

Minerva Mink: Give me the bird!
Dot: We can't, it's a family show.

  • How did this get past the radar in Taming of The Screwy?

(while the Warners screw around with a Statue of Dr. Scratchansniff)
Wakko: Oh, look! A giant Pez dispenser!
Dr. Scratchansniff: Stop playing with my bust!
Yakko (aside glance): Mmm-wah! Goodnight, everybody!

  • Another good one from King Yakko:

Cardinal: King Yakko, your throne.
Wakko: The throne? How do you lift the lid?
Dot: Since when do you lift the lid?

  • It's not just the Warners getting in on the action. In Slappy Goes Walnuts, a video explained:

"Squirrels like to hide their nuts in many odd places where the sun doesn't shine on them."

Yakko: All of the shops are closin',
Dot: Things couldn't get much worse,
Skippy: Even my nuts are frozen, (holds up acorns encased in ice)

Slappy: Be careful with that last verse!

  • THIS episode.
  • In Wakko's America, Wakko gets a Daily Double in classroom Jeopardy!. When asked if he wants to wager all of his money or part of it, he answers with "I'll blow the whole wad!" As he said it, the facial expressions on Yakko and Dot made it seem like even they weren't sure they'd get away with it.
    • 'Course, it could have been missed because "blow the wad" is also real gambling slang.
      • Even outside of gambling, it's a standard English idiom, and the term comes from the way old firearms would have to be reloaded.
  • "Heidi Heidi Heidi Fleiss!"
  • There's a really quick shot of Wakko sipping from a straw stuck in a barrel labeled "Grog" during "The Ballad of Magellan." That's right, a children's cartoon show managed to include a Funny Background Event that beer commercials still aren't allowed to depict.
  • Dot's worst "Where the hell were the censors on this one?" moment was in the Pocadotas bit:

John Smith (holding his hand out to shake Dot's): This is how we say "hello."
Dot (with an expression and tone that screams suggestiveness) Wanna see how we do it?
Yakko: (mmm-wah) G'night everybody!

    • There is also the moment from "The Three Muske-Warners" where Yakko is doing a presentation on Squeezie Cheese and Dot is dressed in a showgirl's outfit with a blonde wig while presenting an oddly phallic shaped bottle of cheese paste, she then hugs it and it sprays up in the air.
  • The Warners have defeated today's villain by casting him into a giant chocolate Easter bunny, so they donate him/it to the children's home, where he's carried off by a crowd of children. Then:

Yakko: "Wait 'till they get to the creamy filling!" (waggles eyebrows)

Hello Nurse: How come I always get the booby prize?
Dot: I'm not touching that one.

  • A censor tells Googily Goop to take off her suggestive outfit -- cue "Goodnight, everybody".
  • In Temporary Insanity, Wakko eats Mr Plotz's paperweight.

Thaddeus: And give me back my paperweight!
Wakko: Okay, but you'll have to wait a while.

  • In Take My Siblings, Please, there's a scene where Yakko summons a group of busty chorus girls to "romp" with him. Bad enough already, but then comes a later bit where all the ladies are walking away groaning in exhaustion. Yakko, being Getting Crap Past the Radar personified, just has to make it sound even worse.

Yakko: C'mon! One more romp? I'll even get in front this time!

  • In a parody of the poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas":

Dot: The stockings were hung so our names clearly showed.
Wakko: In the hopes that old Santa would leave a big load!
Yakko: G'night everybody!

  • At the closing sketch of the "The Warners Escape" tape, Yakko and Dot give a lecture on a medical condition that Wakko's been suffering from. He's been complaining about pains in his eye, ear, and a tooth, out of which they've pulled cartoons. When they ask him for a closing statement, he replies:

Hello Nurse: (singing) I don't know what to say, the monkeys won't do,
Yakko: For a nickel I'll give you a clue (winks at the audience)

Yakko: So tell me about your hamster, Petey was it?
Miles Standish: Oh Petey, how I didist loved that hamster so! I took him to bed with me every night, you know.
Yakko: (whispering to the audience) Goodnight, everybody!

  • After one of his traps for Slappy backfires, Walter Wolf is sewing the crotch his overalls (while still in them). Slappy tells him to watch where he's sewing.
  • During "A Christmas Plotz", Yakko (as the Ghost of Christmas Future) performs an elaborate musical number, complete with chorus girls:

"Let me know when those costumes get heavy!" (growls suggestively)

    • Even earlier, Yakko talks with one of the chorus girls during the musical.

Yakko: Hellooo nurses! Say, why don'tcha stop by the Warner Tower so I can show you my stamp collection?

Chorus Girl: But Yakko, you don't have a stamp collection!

Yakko: Alright, then, you can open my mail.

  • A parody of Flipper contained the following line:

Dot: We taste just like fish!

  • One Slappy The Squirrel short featured Slappy arguing, with her usual aplomb, with a boorish woman in a movie theater.

Boorish Woman: Well, I never!
Slappy: Well, you should; it's fun!

  • During the song, A Quake, A Quake Yakko makes this clever pun.

Yakko: Whose fault? Whose fault? The San Andreas Fault! 'Cause Mr. Richter can't predict 'er kicking our asphalt!

  • Potty Emergency: Everything in Wakko's mad search for the bathroom certainly qualifies, including Wakko seeing water-related things, such as a man using a hose on his lawn, kids drinking from a water fountain, and a man serving lemonade (which spills on the ground).
  • In My Mother the Squirrel, we get this, after the baby bird has dashed under Slappy's butt so many times:

Skippy: You want me to bring him back to his nest?
Slappy: No, Skippy... I'm actually starting to enjoy it.
Skippy: Goodnight, everybody!

  • At one point in "Meatballs or Consequences", the Warners ask The Grim Reaper if he'll be their father and they suggest fun things to do together; at one point, Yakko mentions watching the adult channel together -- a suggestion that gets Yakko and Wakko to wiggle their eyebrows suggestively and shout "Hello Nurse!"
  • This little bit from "Slappy Goes Walnuts":

Skippy: That was just like in "Prehistoric Slappy"!
Slappy: Actually, it was "Cave Girl Slappy", 1932, directed by Piz Peeners; ah, but let's not be anal...

    • "Anal" in this sense is short for "anal-retentive"--meaning, "Overly meticulous" or "Prone to making detailed corrections." Not sexual, but still a bit vulgar.
      • How 'bout the name "Piz Peeners"? They weren't even trying to hide that one (although offhand I'd say they couldn't have gotten away with it in a universe without Friz Freling).
  • "What's it like to be the sexiest man in Hollywood?" The censors were slaughtered by Jason.
  • In one segment, Slappy mentions needing a sitz bath. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this...
  • In The Goodfeathers episode "Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump Dump Dump" Pesto accuses Squit of calling him ditzy when he said dizzy. When he rants about being called a "dim witted blonde bombshell here to titillate him," he inflates his chest to an enormous size.
  • In "The Girl With The Googily Goop", Wakko's nose has sprung to life and has taken residence in Googily Goop's picnic basket, Wakko asks if she's seen his nose and she replies "Oh do you mean the cherry?, it's right in here" as she pulls out a pie which the nose pops out of and a censor tells her to watch what she says.
  • In a Tiny Toons cameo from "Noah's Ark," Noah is checking in the animals two-by-two, and has this conversation:

Buster & Babs: Buster and Babs Bunny. No relation.
Noah: Let's hope not, this is a family show.

  • Upon finding out the Warners are in Hell, Wakko tears his way up a spiral staircase back to earth, gathers up a snowball and then heads back down and tosses it onto the ground, where it promptly melts.

Wakko: They were right -- it didn't have a chance!

    • And then Yakko's "Freeze Frame," which proceeds to freeze Hell over.
  • In the Pinky and the Brain segment "Meet John Brain", Larry Kling is interviewing Suzanne Slimmers on her "Thigh Monster" invention. When asked how she stays so thin, she replies, "Thigh Monster, of course!" She then demonstrates how to use it: she presses her elbows between it, making her breasts bounce in the process. Kling remarks, "I could watch this for hours!"
  • In one of the Slappy shorts, we see the Warner Kids sitting in a tub in one scene. Dot screams at the fact the camera is on her in the tub, and Wakko just looks up smugly and says "Uh oh, I think I feel a bubble coming on..."
  • From the Opening Narration of a Mindy and Buttons short while a crowd looks up at Super Buttons:

It's a bird

It's a plane.

No, it's Super Buttons. And I heard he's not housebroken.

(Crowd runs away screaming)