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  • Fridge Brilliance: At first there doesn't seem to be any particular reason why Arbron picks a yellow VW Bug to convey Jake down to meet the Free Taxxons. But then you remember that when Arbron first became a Taxxon nothlit, the Living Hive brought Elfangor down to him in a yellow Mustang. Knowing Arbron's humor, he probably enjoyed the symmetry.
  • Fridge Horror: In Visser, it's said that Hork-Bajir are a Class Three species because they are not numerous enough and they can't be quickly bred. That means they breed the creatures they take as hosts. Obviously, this is not explored in the series, but in the books where the horrible future of Yeerks completely taking over humans is shown, this means that aliens in those humans' brains are making them have sex with each other so those aliens can conquer the galaxy.
    • Not to mention all of the breeding of Hork Bajir in the series' present day. I read a fan fiction (The Earth Diary of Toby Hamee) about a rescued male Hork-Bajir wanting to be with Toby Hamee, and she later discovers he'd been used as a stud because of his physical condition, and had never been allowed to keep his children.
    • Actually OP, it's said in Visser I think that it's considered taboo to make your host body mate. Perhaps they force them to mate some other way, but in my opinion, IVF makes more sense.
      • It wasn't mating that was considered taboo, it was the fact that they had kids and then raised them as their own, and actually cared for them as opposed to giving birth, and then giving them up to another Yeerk as a host.
    • This Troper sort of operates under the assumption that a lot of hosts might form relationships during their brief periods of freedom while their Yeerks are feeding--it would explain why Jara and Jet already consider themselves married when they first escape. (Admittedly, sex in a cage with a bunch of other people would be awkward...but maybe Hork-Bajir at least, having lived this way their whole lives, find it less so.)
  • Fridge Horror: Why are the Hork-Bajir given a supervolcano that's overdue to go off?
  • One of the things Ax finds amusing about humans think telephones are more advanced than the Internet. At first, this seems equally silly to the reader, but then you realize that Andalite telephones have to transmit Telepathy, not sound.
  • Some people wonder where The One came from. But if you paid attention while reading #26, you'll remeber that, according to the Ellimist, the Crayak left his galaxy to get strong enough to fight "a greater power." The One...greater power? Hmm?