Anita Blake/Characters

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    Characters that appear in Anita Blake

    Anita Blake

    An animator/vampire executioner living in St. Louis. She is also held in retainer for the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team eventually becoming a federal marshall. Anita was born a necromancer, granting her power over all dead.

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    The Master vampire of the city of St. Louis. Jean-Claude is a French vampire somewhere in the age range of 400-600 years. Anita is his human servant and Richard is his animal servant.

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    Richard Zeeman

    A Science teacher at a local junior high school, Richard is Anita's former fiance (the second one) and the last member of Jean-Claude's triumvirate. He is a powerful Alpha werewolf and the Ulfric (that is leader) of the St. Louis Thronos Rokke clan.

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    An assassin and sometimes friend of Anita. Originally focused on humans but decided to start hunting the preternatural because humans are too easy.

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