Anita Blake/Characters

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Characters that appear in Anita Blake

Anita Blake

An animator/vampire executioner living in St. Louis. She is also held in retainer for the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team eventually becoming a federal marshall. Anita was born a necromancer, granting her power over all dead.

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The Master vampire of the city of St. Louis. Jean-Claude is a French vampire somewhere in the age range of 400-600 years. Anita is his human servant and Richard is his animal servant.

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Richard Zeeman

A Science teacher at a local junior high school, Richard is Anita's former fiance (the second one) and the last member of Jean-Claude's triumvirate. He is a powerful Alpha werewolf and the Ulfric (that is leader) of the St. Louis Thronos Rokke clan.


An assassin and sometimes friend of Anita. Originally focused on humans but decided to start hunting the preternatural because humans are too easy.

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