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  • There's no way Yukiatsu's dress actually belonged to little five year-old Menma, unless he has separate ones for smelling and crossdressing.
    • I believe he just found one in a bigger size. I mean it's not like it was the only dress like that in the world. On a seperate note...
  • Where does it state their ages? I thought they were about 9 or 10 when they were kids, and that now the gang is around 16 or 17.
    • I always thought the incident with Menma (her death) happened when they were 6, so now they would be 16.
    • No. Anaru specifically mentions right in the second episode that the Nokemon game that Jintan was buying came out five years ago. And he got that game because it was the version that they played with Menma. At most, the incident when she died happened five years ago.
  • How exactly did Menma die? I get that she drowned but how? Did she fall into the river by accident while chasing Jinta? Did she fall off a ledge while balancing on it? What the hell happened?
    • It's all but stated that she somehow slipped on the path while she was running and fell down the hill, probably hitting her head and drowning, similar to what happens to Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia.
  • If Menma died when they were kids, approximately 7-10 years ago, where was her spirit in the interim? Was she just hanging out in the aether or something?
  • Menma was able to affect things in her family's home. Why wouldn't she have made sure to leave them some kind of note? Or something? At least attempt to help her mother come to terms?
    • Menma isn't that bright. Rather than try to comfort her mother, she said that she doesn't want her mom to remember her because "Mama gets really sad".
  • Just why is Menma older now? Ghosts can age?

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