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  • Menma's REAL wish.
  • Super Peace Busters are friends forever. Alternatively, the Super Peace Busters should always get along. Both are equally heartwarming, though.
  • When Menma's brother Satoshi drops by to check on the Peace Busters getting the firework show ready, Menma can't help herself and gives him a hug despite knowing that he cannot see her. And yeah, he can't see his older sister's spirit.. but he can smell and sense her.
    • A similar moment occurred in Episode 4 when Poppo encouraged his friends by positively of Menma and what she'd say or do if she was there with them now. Menma is so touched that she cries happy tears and jumps right onto Poppo's shoulders to embrace him in a hug, which even he can feel (though he doesn't know what it is). and even goes with him when he run outside to go urinate.
  • Jintan's Big Heroic Run in Episode 11, carrying Menma on his back so she can see everyone before she disappears.
  • When Jintan, Anaru and Poppo all accomplished their goal with the Nokemon games. At the very least it was a sweet, nostalgic moment for anyone who's said, "Gottcha Catch 'em All~!" when they were kids.
  • The series finale, which, while ambiguous, hinted at the ship teases eventually getting together, and everyone in general being able to move forward in their lives and be happier and healthier.

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