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  • Deron's physical appearance during his attack on his own sister's castle, which is traumatizing enough. Sickly rings around eyes, a ragged mace, and an absolutely crazy smile making him more similar to a horror flick monster than a human. And remember, his sister gets a very clear look at her clearly disturbed sibling. She cowers behind her throne and is a complete wreck of her former self. Imagine the horrors that would befall on her kingdom if Laven didn't slay that crazy, crazy person...
  • The Church's Holy water. Imagine walking home from work one day to see your beautiful monster wife and children. You know the local church would kill you if they found out about them but you don't care about that at all. Your wife is your Childhood friend and you know that she is the most sweet person on the planet who was forced to turn into a werewolf, she's still the same women you fell in love with. All of a sudden you feel a glass bottle smash into the back of your head but you have far bigger problems. The Burning sensation of your soul being caught on fire causes untold agony to race across your body. The last thoughts that race through your head during your entire existence are how the inquisition had found out about your family and were about to kill them too. Your soul has just been completely obliterated making any possibility of seeing your loved ones in the afterlife completely impossible. Assuming monsters gain access to hell after they die this would mean that your live with now spend the next eternity alone. Your children will never be able to see their father again after they themselves have died. This is the fate of any man who is splashed with the Church's Holy water.