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Another Code: Two Memories/Trace Memory

  • The scene where D encourages Ashley to keep going after she learns what happened to her mom. It also doubles as a When She Smiles moment, as it's the first time she smiles in the game aside from eating candy.

Let's go. Dad is waiting.

  • Ashley and her father finally reuniting properly. This artistic rendition might help.
  • D and Ashley saying goodbye in the good ending.

I'll never forget you, D. You were the only one who knew my true feelings. You are at peace now. Goodbye D... my friend.


Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories

  • Sayoko's final message to Ashley, explaining why she did what she did (editing slightly to remove the spoiler parts).

Sayoko: Ashley... Let me say your name again. Ashley. My sweet daughter.
Ashley, when I was a teenager I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to be a scientist. I left Japan for America, and embarked on the path of research. The pursuit of knowledge alone made me so happy. I wanted to go out and change the world. Such an arrogant mindset, on reflection. So I think it was fate that brought your father and I together at MJ Labs. He was always so awkward at everything, but his heart was always in the right place. He showed me the blue sky and green trees, when all I had known was grey offices. He showed me how amazing it was to love, and to be loved. He was the first person to ever show me that. And then he gave me the greatest gift of all. You, Ashley. You smile when you look up at my face. You cry loudly and sleep peacefully in my arms. The first time I held you, I made my decision. I would dedicate my life to you. So to me, the day you were born is the most important day of my whole life. I wish this happiness could last forever.
That's why I decided to leave you this message. Ashley, everyone dies two deaths. The first is when their soul leaves their body. The second is when they no longer live on in people's memories. Ashley... do you still remember me?
Ashley: Mom... that was your voice... I can't believe it... you left that message just for me...

  • Doubling as an Awesome Moment, Richard proves his worth as a parent by being willing to stand between Ryan and Ashley, even after his brain screwed with to the point of not remembering Ashley.
  • The very last scene after the credits showing Ashley and her mom's ghost at Lake Juliet.

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