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    Major Characters

    Anpanman (アンパンマン)

    The main character, whose head is a bun made by Uncle Jam. His name comes from the fact that he is a man with a head made of bread (Japanese: pan, a loanword from the Portuguese word meaning "bread") that is filled with bean jam (Japanese: an) called an anpan.

    • Uncle Jam (ジャムおじさん/Jamu-ojisan) The father of Anpanman, and a very kind baker. A skilled cook with knowledge of nearly everything in the world.

    Butterko (バタコさん/Batako-san)

    Assistant to Uncle Jam. She's dedicated and hard working, but sometimes forgetful. Her Japanese name means "Butter Girl". She makes and mends the capes Anpanman and the other heroes use to fly with.

    Cheese (チーズ)

    A dog that lives in the bread factory. Is the only character allowed to be in a relationship, with Rare Cheese (supporting character Usako's pet).

    Shokupanman (しょくぱんまん)

    One of Anpanman's partners in heroics, with a slice of white bread for a head. Tends to be the brains of the main trio.

    Currypanman (カレーパンマン)

    The third member of the main trio, whose head is a curry bun. True to his filling, he tends to be the hothead of the three.

    Baikinman (ばいきんまん)

    The villain from "Germ World" is the leader of the Kabirunruns (little creatures which cause mold to grow). His Japanese name means "Germ Man". His ambition is to destroy Anpanman and turn the planet into another "Germ World", yet he is perfectly content to play tricks, steal and bully those weaker than him.

    Melonpanna (メロンパンナ)

    The lone female among the main heroes, whose head is melonpan. Her powers are not offensive like the males; instead, her "Mero-Mero Punch"[1] causes her opponents to be filled (temporarily) with feelings of love. Of course.

    Rollpanna (ロールパンナ)

    Created by Uncle Jam to fulfill Melonpanna's desire for an "older sister", she came out wrong due to Baikinman's meddling. As a result, she has an evil heart along with her good one, that is triggered by proximity to the heroes (especially Anpanman) and expressing kindness. As a result, she keeps to herself, saying little, and only intervening to help the heroes indirectly or from a distance.

    Dokinchan (ドキンちゃん)

    Baikinman's henchwoman. She is selfish, demanding, childish and greedy, but sometimes shows kindness. She has a crush on Shokupanman. === Horrorman (ホラーマン/Horaaman) === A friendly skeleton with a crush on Dokinchan, Horrorman does housework around Baikinman's castle and occasionally helps with evil schemes. However, he is still well-received among the other characters, and often apprentices himself to various people in an attempt to win Dokinchan's love.

    Kokinchan (コキンちゃん)

    Dokinchan's little sister, an Annoying Younger Sibling who drops in on occasion to inconvenience the heroes and villains alike. She drives Dokinchan out of her skull, mostly because she has the same personality defects, yet manages to get on the good side of Shokupanman thanks to being an actual child (rather than merely childish) with relatively innocent intentions. She mostly wants to have fun, and is friends with the children of Anpanman's neighborhood, but nevertheless manages to cause or get into some kind of trouble. Her tears, genuine or otherwise, cause other people to cry as well.

    1. "mero-mero" is an onomatopoeia meaning to swoon with love for something