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  • Combee, in her first appearance, destroying a Stu for interrupting 'Mummy and Daddy's kissy time'. While singing an awesomely incorrect version of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance".

Combee: I want your cycle. Your vertical stick. Want your piano, and a big shiny brick!

  • Adrian and Phoenixia have a Wire Dilemma fight – not over which wire it is, but over which wire Phoenixia said it was earlier after Adrian has already pulled out the red. After the countdown hits zero, the machine spontaneously shuts down because the argument was so stupid.
  • Michael running into the BioShock (series) fandom because he mistakes the Big Sister for a Sue. (This was pre-release, mind you).
  • Aster getting duct-taped to the wall and then proceeding to break out. “…was it the explosives? Or did I use that last time and this time I used the acid…?”
  • Adrian, while in purgatory, reaching for a Twilight book…and then promptly making it as use for a “Super-Kitty” gag.
    • Anything involving Twilight, really – Tash burns up the copies she finds in a demonic library in Devil May Cry.
  • Michael’s escape from getting pinned down to the bed.
  • Most of the Running Gags.
  • When Jared is tortured by the PCMSPS, he starts experiencing stuff the other Agents have gone through before. The result is a Mad-Lib-esque hilarity fest involving “Cassandibella”, “Banjahamut”, “Technician Arts”, and a “Boomspear”…
  • Any scene involving Phoenixia treating Chrys like a dress-up doll.
  • Four words: Shirley the Cliché Stick.
  • Dear Runoa. You just lost The Game. Sincerely, Michael.