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  • So Gatekeeper (or whatever the teleporting guy's called) shows up at the presentation thingy to claim that his theory was stolen. While he was wrong in that regard, he did demonstrate a working teleportation device in front of an auditorium full of people. When the whole ordeal was over, the people just want to see the original teleportation-theory presentation.... despite the fact that someone else had just demonstrated it in front of their eyes just five minutes ago which is a much bigger deal than a guy with a powerpoint presentation about how it may be done.
    • The members of the audience were academics and scientists, for whom how it's done, and the implications of the act, is more important than the fact that it's possible. Also, they mentioned that Gatemaster's method was already known to be possible, just dangerous or impractical (which Gatemaster got around using his headband thingy to store the information in his brain, although I'm not sure how that works since the headband was turned into energy too).
  • Why'd Paraman go back to the Dom instead of leaving town?
    • We`re talking about a bad guy who`s entire schtick is parachuting. I`m not giving him too much credit in the brain department. Besides, a scary lady with a pointy stick told him to do it.
      • It's not pointy, however it can cut damn near anything no matter which way you swing it.