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Reno Sweeney: They think he's Gangster # 1,
So they Made him the favorite son!
And that goes to show
Anything Goes!


A musical from 1934 with songs by Cole Porter, Anything Goes takes place aboard a boat, following a number of unusual characters, including a evangelist-turned-nightclub singer (Reno Sweeney, originally played by Ethel Merman) and a gangster disguised as a pastor (originally played by Victor Moore). Famous songs from the show include the title song, as well as "You're the Top" and "I Get a Kick Out of You". "Friendship" is also well known, but it's not originally from this show.

It received major revivals on Broadway twice, first in the 1960s in a version that interpolated songs from a number of Porter's other shows, and again in the 1980s in a version that stayed closer to the original musical in terms of songs, although not necessarily in terms of script. A third Broadway revival came out in 2011, based on the 1980s revival. It won the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical.

Not to be confused with the opening theme for Kamen Rider OOO. Or the style of martial arts practiced in Ranma ½. Or the bizarre team-competition sport-thing program on ABC in the 1970s.

Tropes used in Anything Goes include:
  • Adorkable: Evelyn, primarily when he's trying to use American idioms

Evelyn: I have hot pants for you! (to Moonface)