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    The Four Main Students



    "So stupid... There is no way monsters can exist. It's scientifically impossible..."


    The main character of the Ao Oni series, he accompanies three of his friends into a mysterious manor which is rumored to house a terrifying monster. Not that he believes in monsters, of course... they're scientifically impossible, right?


    The natural leader of his little clique of friends. In the original version, was also quite the bully, using the rumors about the manor to terrorize underclassmen.


    The token girl of the group, she has feelings for Takuro.


    The most cowardly of the four, he immediately has second thoughts about entering the manor, though he can't convince Takuro or anyone to leave.

    The Ao Oni

    The Ao Oni

    Version 1 Exclusive Characters

    Hiroshi (Version 1)

    Unlike the Hiroshi seen in later versions, this Hiroshi is a dark-haired college student who gets dragged to the mansion along with his buddy Kazuya. After being sent to investigate a strange noise, he returns to find the others missing, and sets out to track down his friend before escaping.


    Hiroshi's best friend, and a prime target for the bullying Takuro. Winds up seperated from him, and thus his main motivation for exploring the manor.


    A member of Takuro's gang and his Love Interest in version 1.

    • Absurdly Ineffective Barricade: Zig-zagged: the one she sets up might lead to Hiroshi's death when first encountered, but can be easily manuvered past. And she's aware enough of its weakness to tell Hiroshi to lock the door.
    • Genre Savvy: At the very least, she knows enough to explictedly make Hiroshi lock the door behind him when he leaves, which helps her survive to the end.
    • The Not Love Interest: Like Mika, she's set up as Takuro's Love Interest as opposed to Hiroshi.
    • The Smurfette Principle

    Takuro's Followers

    Two other teenagers who round out Takuro's Gang of Bullies. One of the two bears a strong resemblance to the Hiroshi of the later versions, while the other serves the same purpose as Takeshi.



    Another of Hiroshi's friends, a dark-haired student who only appears in one scene in certain versions: in the subverted Scary Surprise Party sequence, he's the guy in the oni suit.