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Fridge Brilliance

  • You'd think the world would do something about these constant Monkey outbreaks, wouldn't you? I mean, even if they do technically fit under Harmless Villains, the monkeys have still brought the world to its knees, and have almost destroyed it at least once. So why does it keep happening? Well, the first time came kind of out of nowhere. After all, who expects an army of monkeys to suddenly rise up? Off screen there were probably some very thorough measures taken so that the monkeys could not escape Monkey Park. And then the monkey helmets, against all possible expectation, fell out of the sky. Third time, they are taking no chances. They shall not and will not let the monkeys escape or gain the helmets by accident...and then Dr. Tomoki shows up with an army of robots.

Fridge Horror

  • In Ape Escape 3, Monkey Blue has a musical pocket watch with a photo of Monkey Pink in it, in reference to the one the villain had in For a Few Dollars More. The trouble is that the photo in the watches in For a Few Dollars More was a photo of a girl the villain had raped. And Pink doesn't requite Blue's affections, and aaaaaaaaaaafgghghghghghhh.
    • "I'll ask Pink out fer a date, and then... *laughter*"