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Take moments specific to the Phoenix arc or Investigations to those pages, please.

  • The eponymous character in Apollo Justice gets two before the end of case one. One occurs if the player chooses to hear the testimony against Kristoph. Kristoph asks if Apollo is betraying him in an attempt to cow Apollo into obedience and Apollo replies "I'm sorry, Mr. Gavin, but this isn't about loyalty. This is about the truth." Then at the end, Apollo secures his position as Phoenix's replacement by punching Phoenix. The way Phoenix laughs it off was a crowning moment for him, too.
    • Not to mention, in the fourth case, bringing down the man who got him disbarred by overhauling the entire judicial system.
  • 4-1: You hear an objection, and it isn't Apollo or Payne... you know what I'm talkin' about. It's like an ultimate combo Crowning Moment of Awesome/Heartwarming/Squee/(if you think too hard about what's been going down in the AA 'verse)Tearjerker all rolled into one.
  • The Judge gets to deliver another decidedly epic Badass Creed at the end of game 4:

The law is the end product of many years of history...the fruit of human knowledge! Like a gem, polished to a gleam through through trials...and errors. It is this fruit we receive, and pass on, and face in our time. And it is always changing, growing. Nurturing it is our task as human beings.

  • At the end of the final case of Apollo Justice, Kristoph, who you now know to be the true cause of Drew's death, has his own psychotic breakdown when he learns that Phoenix has implemented a jury system. During this, he screams Phoenix's name in anger as his hair blows straight up in the air while having what looks like a seizure. This troper has never been so satisfied with a bad guy's defeat.
  • If you started the game with low expectations because you played as a different character, then the entire first case was a crowning moment, for sure. Yeah, it starts with Phoenix accused of murder (again) but we get to see him take complete control over his own trial, and pull a miniature version of From The Ashes! (again!) . All of this, and the Judge, if anything, praises him at the end! That's a stark contrast to everything he puts up with in his own games!
  • In 4-3, Apollo exposes Daryan Crescend when evidence alone won't suffice, by having Machi Tobaye testify about his involvement smuggling cocoons. This is not only a clever plan, but also shows Apollo's morals and ethics, as he points out that he's "not the kind of lawywer that can overlook a crime".