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WARNING: May contain high doses of self-promotion.


Apple of Our Eye is a Slender Man story! Of course it's going to be scary!

  • Ep. 5: The ending.
  • Ep. 8: Isaac is woken up in the middle of the night by something. He peers outside before suddenly whirling around and BAM!!! There's Slendy! Isaac rushes outside and back inside only to find that Slendy is still there. He does the only thing he can think of to do and rushes into the basement. While down there, there's a little distortion but nothing else.[1] He decides that it's safe and walks back upstairs to find Slendy gone and a "note" waiting for him. What does the note say, you ask? Why nothing but, "WE KNOW YOU. YOU WILL KNOW US." with an Operator Symbol on the back! Scary, isn't it?
  • Ep. 9: It turns out that Isaac and his friends were being watched in Ep. 1...
  • Ep. 10: The way the Orchad keeps twisting and turning and becoming almost impossible to navigate and getting Isaac lost is rather unnerving.
  • Ep. 11: Around 3:21 when what looks like a masked figure and then Slendy steps into view.
  • Ep. 13: Everything goes fine in this episode till around 1:40 when one of Isaac's friends suddenly runs up to them, takes the camera, there's distortion and a girl suddenly screams, "RUN!!!" If that's not scary enough, well, on the tape that Jon handed Isaac, Isaac's friends start nay saying Slendy, and let's just say that Slendy doesn't appreciate that, so he makes the car stop and makes himself known to the two...
  • Ep. 15 P.1: The ending when someone walks past Isaac's glass doors and into the house...
  • Ep. 15 P.2: Also the ending and around 2:48 when Slendy appears in Isaac's house...
  • Ep. 15 P.3: Slendy's appearences at 5:05, where he messes with your head by teleporting ONSCREEN, and 5:33, where he points at Isaac...

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  1. Some people claim that you can see Slendy down there if you look closely.