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All the inhabitants are in a Inside a Computer System

  • References to viruses, computer commands, and the bizarre FloatingContinents? They're inside in a computer system.
    • Jossed by Word of God telling that everything in that world is real, and that the viruses are just data turned into matter through an special conversion program. Floating Continents? Created artificially before the clouds ate the land below, and the computer commands are because the towers themselves are massive supercomputers used for casting magic.

The reason why Lyner forgot about Misha?

  • Blunt trauma to his head during his training to become a Knight of Elemia
    • So question: which came first, the idiot or the blunt trauma to the head?
      • Because of being separated for over ten years without ever hearing about her or even her name even once. Plus, they were very young when they met and were separated.
      • He repressed the memory because otherwise watching his father basically torture his friend would have scarred him for life. It's implied that even though he didn't consciously remember Misha, she's still the cause of his issues with Leard.
      • Having just replayed the game, this troper can assure you there's no such implications in any of the game's conversations, including the ones directly about and/or to Leard and Misha regarding the topic in question. Lyner's issues with Leard stem from the fact that Leard is a stubborn, self-righteous, spartan father who looks down on and sneers at Lyner most of his life while telling him why he's not good enough at anything, and always a dissapointment. In that respect, Lyner is a parallel to Misha over the issue of being able to choose "freedom" in life and lifestyle as Lyner essentially blows his father off to follow his own calling. The troper two entries above is correct, it's simply because:
        • (a) Lyner didn't know Misha for very long and it was when he was 6 or 7 years old, and he hasn't seen or heard hide nor hair from or about her in a decade.
        • (b)And more importantly, and something that amazing is overlooked or forgotten about Lyner a surprisingly amount in discussion...he's supposed to be, make that REALLY stupid. Or at least that 'anime-dumb' that seems unique to the Japanese fictional culture. He's also dense and clueless as a doornail to anything resembling romance or interpersonal relations between males and females, and on TOP of all that, for a young adult he has the romantic and sexual maturity of an 8-year old on the playground. Seriously, this is the guy who literally says he gets so flustered, doofus-y, and mentally constipated that he CAN'T uphold a simple conversation when Aurica and Misha hold his freakin' hand.

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