Arashi no Yoru ni/Tear Jerker

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  • Arashi no Yoru Ni has numerous moments, but one sticks out in this editor's mind: when Mei asks Gabu to eat him so Gabu will survive the snowstorm. This editor bawled.
    • The ending was what made this troper cry happy tears.
  • How about the book series? Both characters die at the end
  • When Gabu doesn't remember Mei. Mei keeps trying to persuade him that they were friends, but amnesiac!Gabu finally tells him "You're going to die tonight, so why don't you just accept that and be quiet?". The horrified look on Mei's face as he's backed against a wall made this troper tear up.
  • When both Mei and Gabu have to leave their families and homes to be together.
  • The beginning, when Mei's mom dies protecting him as a baby.
  • Mei's tearful rant to Gabu near the end, where he angrily screams that he would have given himself to be eaten by Gabu if it meant he could have survived, but not to fill his stomach, and if this was how it was going to end he wished that he'd never met Gabu.