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  • After the blackout in "Blackout", shouldn't Arbiter and Chief have been banned, since they were playing in the same game as Chaos Theosis?
    • It could be possible that that particular hack needs to be activated when they entered a game, and they were not expecting Arby or Chief to show up.
      • Jon admitted that he messed this up in a commentary, and points out that a possible explanation for it is that unplugging your xbox allows you to leave a game without being banned, unlike simply turning it off. He remarked that Chaos Theosis would know this but hope that no one figured it out.
  • Small one caused by "The Reunion". In that episode, Silent Strike says that he thought that Arbiter and Chief had been banned by Chaos Theosis. Yet, the last time they met Strike was in "The Storm", where they told him they were being discharged from TOSERS. What gives?
    • Chaos Theosis wasn't JUST banning TOSERS members, they were banning people for whatever reasons they felt like, so even if Arbiter and Chief had been kicked out of TOSERS, there was still the probability of getting banned should they cross paths in matchmaking.

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