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Chaos Theosis were hired by Trent Donnovich.

It's now been established that the hacker group antagonists of season 6 are working for a mysterious someone to bring down the entire network rather than just getting rid of TOSERS. This mysterious someone is probably Trent Donnovich, the game developer CEO who served as the primary antagonist of season 5. Not only would he - as an FPS-developer - benefit from people not being able to play Halo online; it's also possible that he knows that Claire (who would have married him had the toys not intervened) has joined TOSERS and that he still holds a grudge towards her for dumping him at the altar. Besides, whoever the hackers are working for, it seems to be someone with a lot of money and influence, and there's really only one such character still alive in the series, so... It seems likely.

Duncan will have a Heel Face Turn.

In "Remission", he was shocked to hear that Chaos Theosis' actual goals were to take down the OMN, and he really was in it to get rid of TOSERS.

Greg will pull another big damn heroes moment

He hasn't been seen so far in the current season, but one of his stick notes was seen in a recent hyper news episode and the name of Episode 13 of Season 6 is named the Reunion.

  • Jossed, but he does return.

The two gamer girls from Episode 11 of Season 6 will be Chekov's gunmen

In that Episode, Kylie is seen scouting for prey, and comes across two gamer girls. She overhears them talking about how they're going to miss Halo and how they hope that Chaos Theosis will be stopped before Kylie turns away. Jon introduces characters that aren't core characters usually for for one of two reasons, for a satire of the XBL community, or because they're Chekov's gunmen, of which we have seen three this season alone (Kevin, Silent Strike and Adam's "friend"). My guess is that when Arby and Chief eventually face off against Kylie, they will be in the same game as the two of them. The gamer girls will most likely overhear that Kylie is a member of Chaos Theosis and jump into the fight against her. No doubt she will demand to know why they are helping Arby and Chief, despite the intolerance against gamer girls on XBL. Cue World Made of Cardboard Speech.