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Arc Rise Fantasia is a Console RPG on the Wii, developed by imageepoch, the studio behind the Luminous Arc series.

Developed under the title Project Ray, it shares the same project title with another game by the same developers, Sands of Destruction. Arc Rise Fantasia, however, in essence, can be considered a title in spirit of the Luminous Arc series, because of a handful of similarities with it.

Tropes used in Arc Rise Fantasia include:

Cecille: I'm gonna show you the Fists of Justice!

  • If I Can't Have You: Good lord, Adele!
  • Informed Equipment: Just like most other JRP Gs, you can never see any armor your characters put on, and they will all wield their first weapons in any cutscenes. The clothes you can buy for them also only show up on the status screen.
  • It Got Worse: After Alf takes over the Empire from Weiss, he starts imposing curfews and strict rationing on everyone in the empire. Weiss may have been an imperialist bastard, but at least he did not curtail his citizen's freedoms.
  • Karma Houdini: Alf is almost as bad as Yuna in this regard.
  • Lady Not-Appearing-In-This-Game: A Malve inversion with Niko, the comic relief character, is the only main playable character not mentioned in the manual or featured on the box art, yet he joins exceptionally early in the game and sticks around for a very long time (with continuing importance to the plot after that). Following the trope closer is Adele, who never joins you except as a Guest character, yet she rates a picture in the manual stating her weapon preference... though her in-game outfit changes after only a few hours.
  • Large Ham: Cecille. She never lets a chance miss to shout her heroic antics, Shonen-style.

Cecille: The Hero of Justice, Cecille-sama, has arrived!
Dynos: Those who sleeps, beYOND the maelstrom, come forth in the nAAAme of CHAOS!


Rastan: For the millionth time, NO.

  1. Oddly, the attack name is written in Hiragana, which is usually for words of Japanese origin.