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The kidnappers in El Secuestro were sent by Carol's brother.

    • He may have had their parents killed as well

Rip Riley is Sterling's father.

At least some of Mengele's experiments were successful.

Specifically, his attempts to change eye colors. This is why Krieger has green eyes, despite being a Boy from Brazil.

The Cold War did end with the USSR's defeat, but Gorbachev/Yeltsin was still deposed by Communist hardliners

While the hardliners were ultimately unable to prevent the secession of the other republics, they kept the Soviet political system intact in Russia itself, hence why the KGB remains in place and they still refer to their country as the Soviet Union.

Sterling really loves Wodehouse.

From what we see of Sterling's childhood his interaction with his mother is either neglect or abuse, however throughout the show they have moments of love pass between them. then think about how he treats people around him, he is an abusive prick but for the most part would be lost without them, but Wodehouse the only character Sterling has power over is either neglected or abused for a wrong doing, this is how Sterling was taught to show affection. and if any resolve is gonna come about Sterling's daddy issues its probibly gonna be from his relationship with Wodehouse and not from his relationship with his Mother

Pam and carol/Cheryl well become lovers.

Pam is Bi, and carol/Cheryl is something, and i could see the show making those two close yet dysfunctional friends in to lovers