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Jughead has an extremely high metabolism.

Just look at him. With all the burgers he scarfs down he should be the size of a house, yet he appears to be the size of an ordinary Highschool male. In the episode 'The Day the Earth Moved' he is even depicted with toned abdominal muscles! The only way this can be possible is if he has an extremely high metabolism. Either that or he has been doing a ton of exercise off-screen.

Future Archie will end up with Veronica.

Well, most of the episodes show him dating her more than Betty.

Future Archie will end up with both Betty and Veronica.

Think about it. Present Archie almost always would date both of them than just one of them.

Scarlett is a spirit in "I Was a Teenage Vampire".

She really did die in "Scarlett Night". However, she stayed on Earth because of her horrible deeds as a vampire. The Scarlett did Archie and his friends encountered in her next appearance is really her spirit who begins to seek redemption, explaining of how did she manage to get to the heavens in her final appearance, since she redeemed herself in "I Was a Teenage Vampire".

Betty and Veronica are just pretending to argue in "Green Eyed Monster".

It's one way to conduct who is more jealous and it would assume that it's both of them.

Dorsia Finn is really the sea monster's name.

Mr. Fisk is really a monster.

He would want to stop Archie from revealing the dark secret of the Zoom energy drink. However, in reality,

Reggie is a werewolf.

The Grand Finale has Archie and his friends dealing with The End of the World as We Know It.

Dorsia is released by Betty and Veronica's jealousy to each other.

Think about it. When Veronica that her and Betty's jealousy started the problem, it must begin with Dorsia being sealed away from the surface world. However, thanks to their jealousy to each other over Archie, she is released and ready to look for more redheads. Way to go, Betty and Veronica.

The Whole thing has something to do with the witches from Sabrina Comics

Hey, usually when weird stuff happens in Archie it has something to do with them! so why not now?!

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