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Jughead and Chris-Chan are rivaling gods, and both the Sonichu and Archie worlds are the two's attempts to make a perfect world.

And Jughead was the one that succeeded.

Jughead is related to Usopp.

They do look quite a bit like each other. They're about the same age... long lost twins?

Everyone is a Reality Warper.

Riverdale is actually a fake city built by the U.S. government to contain Reality Warpers so they won't be able to mess with the rest of the country. It would certainly explain some of the weird stuff that happens there.

Jughead is a Reality Warper and possibly a Humanoid Abomination.

Most of the particularly bizarre aspects of the Archie universe have had Jughead as the epicenter; he has notably been granted the power of time travel at one point, and (as seen in the "dipsy doodles" gag comics) he possesses the ability to make two-dimensional images interact directly with the three-dimensional plane, even granting them life in some cases. This suggests that he, in particular, has control over reality, conscious or unconscious.

Also of note is the fact that despite him eating a positively absurd amount, he never gains weight. One could chalk this up to cartoon physics; however, the truth is much more sinister. Consider Azathoth, whose awakening would herald the end of all of existence as we know it; as a result, lesser creatures go out of their way to keep him asleep at all costs. Jughead, too, sleeps very often; however, lacking any other similarly-powered individuals around him, he eats as much as he does in order to maintain a constant state of drowsiness, and hence never fully awaken. This is also why his eyes are nearly always closed-- he is, in fact, walking around functionally asleep 24 hours of the day. If he were ever to awaken, Riverdale, the world, or possibly the entire universe would come to an end.

Every girl is a Perky Goth.

Betty and Veronica wore black lipstick before it was even fashionable.

  • It's not just the girls.
    • Goths that aren't pretentious and have a sense of humor? In a mainstream comic? Where did that come from?

Riverdale is trapped in a strange sort of time loop.

Riverdale is trapped in a free-repeating time loop which still allows limited influence from the outside world. Riverdale's time loop is similar to the one of Brigadoon in which the whole town can seemingly move near the beach or the mountains. The time loop is also similar to the one in Groundhog Day or Haruhi Suzumiya in that the whole town is shunted backward in time at a certain point to relive a certain amount of time. However, the time loop seems to affect only the town, and presumably anyone within the limits of the effect. Memories don't seem to be completely wiped with each loop, but memories seem to get blurred and kept only randomly. Time and technology passage of the world outside the effect is noted and does affect Riverdale but at a lesser rate than the world beyond. Presumably, anyone who enters Riverdale is enmeshed in the effect. Also, people can and do leave, but seem to be "forgotten" by the people of Riverdale, such as Betty's brother Chip and sister Polly. While Betty and family remember these two people, it's almost as if they don't really matter or they are detached from them. In this way, Riverdale is rather like the idea of the afterlife in Our Town. I don't think that Riverdale is a city of ghosts, though, where everyone is really dead, as they do take notice of the outside world and there is technological progress in Riverdale, albeit at a very much slowed rate.

We'll get a "What if" with Betty and Veronica dating each other

They seem to be going for every possible "What if", so why not this?

Jughead is Asexual

Possibly aromantic while we're at it.