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Credenza's Group

Credenza Black

Now, I am a waitress...but I can still kick your fuzzy butt!

Blitz/Anthony Solair

Look Credenza! I found something shiny!


For your information, I am a spirit, not a demon.

Tuff Luck

Well, me and Riley are only half were-shark. Thankfully, we tend more toward the human side.


Captain Adrian Snow

Bafore I went to sea I was trained in medical college. I'm a doctor. It's my job to heal the sick and tend to the wounded.
Torture is what I do for FUN.


You accepted the slavery of the Raven because you were scared of death. I accepted because I was afraid to go on living. In exchange for my faithful service, the Raven agreed to take away my fear and sadness. I no longer wanted my life, I had no reason to refuse.


Oh man, what have I gotten myself into? I don't belong here! I design armor! I'm not a killer like my uncle!

The Great Raven

I am a great wind, and you are a little candle. And I will extinguish you.