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  • The ending of "The Tale of the Dollmaker." Gave this troper chills.[context?]
  • Also the ending of "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost." Try not to choke up.
  • "The Tale of the Dream Girl" as well.
  • And "The Prom Queen" and "C7".
  • The end of the video game "The Tale of Orpheo's Curse" has a Heartwarming Moment in two parts. It starts when you break the curse by bringing Elizabeth back, and all the ghosts reunite and are freed from their And I Must Scream states. After you bring back Alex, the wax audience becomes real and starts applauding, and the main characters share a bow onstage.
  • "The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle." The protagonist finally comes to terms with his friend's death, just in time to save his little brother from a similar fate, and his friend's ghost tells him that he never blamed the protagonist for his death. Their final goodbye doubles as Tear Jerker.
    • "Ricky. I miss you."
  • Two Midnight Society examples:
    • Eric telling The Tale of Jake and the Leprachaun as a tribute to his recently deceased Irish grandfather. Even better is the fact that Frank, usually his nemesis, agrees to postpone his storytelling so Eric can tell his that night. For all their bickering, Frank and Eric do seem to care about each other.
    • In The Tale of the Dangerous Soup, tough guy Frank finally admitting that he's afraid of the dark. It shows him letting his guard down and trusting his friends.

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