Armor-Piercing Slap

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"So you're telling me... when you lose your cool, you drop a guy and then BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM!?"

Luke Ainsworth, The Sacred Blacksmith

His girlfriend is about to explode, and he's at ground zero, often without a bomb kit or a prayer.

Maybe he honestly did something wrong, like cheating with another girl. Maybe the compromising position she found him in isn't really what it looks like (anything from being assaulted by a Clingy Jealous Girl to suffering an Accidental Pervert moment or even a completely Unprovoked Pervert Payback). No matter what the cause, she's hurt by his (apparent) betrayal and she won't stop until he feels her pain.

If he had no idea why she was angry, or if she were a stranger, or if he were a total jerk, he would defend himself. Which is why this trope almost never happens to anyone but the guy who knows exactly why she's mad (whether or not he's actually at fault), regularly associates with her, and is at least half-way decent. Even if this guy is a master martial artist and if she hasn't taken a single karate class in her life, she'll smack him silly because he all but lets her.

Why is the guy so powerless? Because it's Different for Girls. She's very, very angry—so angry that it frightens and intimidates him into a panic reaction. But he can't fight back, because he Wouldn't Hit a Girl. And he can't run away, because she'll just get madder and he'll have to face her eventually. He's stuck.

Even if he doesn't quite understand it himself, he instinctively knows that if she doesn't hurt him now, her wrath will fester into long-lived anger. Their association or relationship will be soured if not broken off altogether. Compared to that, a bit of mind-numbing pain seems the lesser of two evils—if she's allowed to take her pound of flesh, maybe she'll be more inclined to hear apologies or explanations later.

And so, the slap effectively pierces his armor.

Truth in Television, as anyone who interacts with young girls on a regular basis can attest.

See also Mundangerous and the Megaton Punch. Not related to Armor-Piercing Attack or Armor-Piercing Question.

Examples of Armor-Piercing Slap include:

Anime and Manga

  • Sayaka to Kouji from Mazinger Z. Given that Kouji was the poster boy for tactless, Idiot Hero, and Sayaka a Tsundere, he found himself in the receiving end of these rather often.
    • And Jun to Tetsuya from Great Mazinger. Given that Tetsuya Took a Level in Jerkass when he was angry or upset, and Jun had little patience for stupidity, it is not surprising. A good example happens in the last episodes: Tetsuya is jealousy from Kouji, thinking Kouji will replace him and then everybody will forget about him. When Jun tried to reassure him it would not happen, he accused her of wanting to replace him with Kouji, too. She slapped him hard. Given that Jun had spent the whole series chasing after him while Tetsuya remained oblivious, it is entirely understandable.
    • And Maria from UFO Robo Grendizer also gave Kouji some of these.
  • Done a few times in School Days.
    • Sometimes enhanced by knives.
  • And Sakura to Naruto. Much more often when they were younger, and now, much more violently, considering Sakura's training under Tsunade, though Sakura and Naruto are closer than before and they are slightly more mature, so it barely happens in Part II (Naruto behaves less stupidly and Sakura is more patient).
    • Jiraiya mentions that he was nearly killed by Tsunade once before, for peeping on her in a hotspring. Tsunade broke both arms, both legs, six ribs, and "massive damage" to his internal organs. Just for illustration, Jiraiya claims that this was one of the only two times he had come close to death. It's also known that Jiraiya has gone on more suicidally dangerous missions then any else (138 to be exact). The women hit harder than the bad guys, indeed.
    • Subverted with Suigetsu and Karin. Karin tries to slap him whenever he badmouths her or Sasuke, but he just nonchalantly turns into water to avoid actually be hurt—she has to repeatedly start beating on his entire body just to genuinely annoy him (granted, that's not the way he uses his powers while fighting, but that's probably Rule of Funny).
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinji gets slapped around a lot by Asuka, and once by Misato and Rei; also Misato to Kaji, Misato to Ritsuko twice, and Asuka to Rei at least once.
    • Subverted in Rebuild, when Rei actually intercepts Asuka's slap this time around.
    • Although, Shinji has no armor to begin with. However it usually -and awesomely- is inverted in Super Robot Wars games: when Bright Noa slaps Shinji, Shinji starts to get his act together, gain a spine and a thicker skin, and gradually evolves into a Badass.
  • Sae and Momo have slapped each other many times in Peach Girl.
  • The most famous example of this is probably Akane Tendo's Ranma beatings in Ranma ½. Partially justified as Akane Tendo comes from a family of martial artists who lives in a dojo, and is probably quite skilled, but only partially because the title character Ranma is one of the best martial artists around, who can easily beat her in a fight.
  • In Code Geass, Kallen does this to Lelouch for acting coldly about the fate of Japanese that work for Britannia. She later does this again, when a depressed Lelouch who is Not Himself tries to kiss her. Later on, she tries it on Suzaku when he tells her he's going to drug her for information, but it doesn't work. He backs down of his own accord, but that doesn't stop her from breaking out a 7 hit combo to voice her disapproval (and do what a good part of the fandom had been waiting for), in a dress, no less. This is universally considered one of her Crowning Moments of Awesome.
    • In truth, Suzaku lets her beat him up because he's trying to apologize, though when you consider what he's trying to apologize for, it comes off as almost insulting and stupid (she might have outright killed him were it not for her position), especially considering Kallen's mother became addicted to that same drug.
  • Himura Kenshin, the second most powerful swordsman in Japan in Rurouni Kenshin, can still be beaten into a daze by Kaoru... although it could be argued he's not bothering to fight back. (During a Clip Show, Yahiko notes this and decides that this must mean Kaoru is actually the best swordsman in the country... for some reason, Kaoru doesn't like the implication.)
  • A bit more realistically with Fuu on Samurai Champloo. Once or twice, she's given Mugen a good whack across the head with her wooden sandal.
    • This however, like several of the series aspects, is completely distorted within the proceeding manga adaptation. One bonus chapter featured her beating Jin (of all people) to such a bloody pulp that Pixellation had to be applied to what was left of him.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, despite being one of the most powerful alchemists in the world and practically a martial arts master, Edward is victimized by Winry any time he visits. Her skillful wrench-tosses are the stuff of legend.
    • Bonus points for her being able to do this with Alphonse, who is a walking armor.
  • A rare serious use and discussion of this trope appears in the manga Baki the Grappler, when the title character is facing a character, Yanagi, who is a renowned master of the open-hand slap. Baki remembers his father, the world's greatest martial artist, describing the slap as the one move that is effective anywhere on the body (as opposed to, say, a closed-fist punch which can break the attacker's hand if not aimed precisely). He further adds that his father said this technique was reserved solely for the self-defense of women and children. He then challenges Yanagi to a slap fight anyway, which leads to Baki ending up in the hospital.
  • In Inuyasha, Action Girl Sango slaps her Handsome Lech of a fiance Miroku, when he goes too far with his groping of her (or some other woman). The Running Gag of 'Miroku gropes Sango, Sango smacks him' is performed often enough over the course of the series that at one point it helps bring Sango out of temporary possession by a flea youkai.
    • This little routine also shows up as a special combo move in the video game, where Miroku gropes Sango and ducks as she furiously swings her boomerang at him, which nails the enemy instead.
    • Kagome deals out some slaps to characters who aren't even human, for example Inu Yasha himself. She might be a powerful Miko, but she's not really physically strong or fast enough to slap youkai.
  • Iwata got the taste slapped out of him by Misaki Matsuya in Excel Saga when he suggested that getting changed in the locker room would give him an opportunity to see her naked body.
    • He got slapped into a vending machine so hard he demolished it.
  • Carrera Marker, mother of Karin Maaka, does this with a slipper whenever Karin does something very un-vampire-like and in every scene her husband Henry says something.
  • Anna Kyouyama from Shaman King is famous for slapping several characters around. Even villain Hao. Who actually likes it.
    • Probably because his own mother has her own Armor-Piercing Slap
  • There's a variant in the Mahou Sensei Negima manga, where Cheerleader Madoka slaps her unknown-to-her magically-aged teacher on behalf of her classmate, whom Negi had just walked in on while she was changing. She tries to do the same to Negi's also-aged rival Kotaro, whom she happens to have a small crush on, but he casually blocks it. So she punches him in the face instead.
    • Also done by the usually very calm Chizuru to Noble Demon Wilhelm when he was about to petrify her newly adopted room mate Kotaro. Also, his petrification power is virtually impossible to heal, so she saved Kotaro's life.
    • Flashbacks reveal that the lead's father Nagi got this often from love interest Princess Arika.
    • Asuna does this to Evangeline (and Negi) a lot. It's also a literal armor piercing slap, as her Anti-Magic lets her punch right through magic barriers. Eva repeatedly complains about how Asuna is able to do that.
    • Negi himself doesn't always let girls slap him. At one point, he actually blocks Anya's punch.
    • Chisame does this to Negi when he is possessed by his Super-Powered Evil Side during his meeting with Godel. It fully snaps him out of it despite the fact that the transformation was triggered by Godel taking credit for Negi's entire village as a child. Seeing as this is the entire reason for Negi's dark-natured mindset, this is quite the feat. Here.
  • Yukimura Keiko's slaps in Yu Yu Hakusho.
  • Subverted in Irresponsible Captain Tylor when, in the midst of being held hostage, Tylor tells Yuriko that she can hit him if she wants, offers her a briefcase to do it with, and then ducks when she swings. The briefcase hits the bomb-wielding terrorist, ending the crisis. He gets slapped at other times as well but doesn't have any armor to pierce. She never seems able to actually hurt the Captain, and he seems to like getting slapped by her to begin with
  • Souichi of The Tyrant Falls in Love, despite being male, can get away with this because his love interest (but don't ever tell that to him) Morinaga is also male. His more serious punches and kicks have left Morinaga bleeding and nearly unconscious, or with bruises that persist for several panels, though they're usually reserved for times when Souichi feels especially provoked or spurned by Morinaga; most of the other time, his physical violence is presented as harmless Slapstick caused by his cranky disposition.
  • Despite Luffy of One Piece's complete invulnerability to any blunt force damage, Nami's slaps often cause his entire face to become swollen and bruised. The Word of God explains this by saying that "she beats up his spirit".
    • There was also that one time where he actually was wearing armor, taking the trope literally.
    • Luffy's grandfather is also able to hurt Luffy. He says something to the effect that no defense can stand up to his fist of love. Which is actually entirely true, though he gave the actual ability (haki) a silly name.
    • Subverted with Princess Otohime when she slaps a thief for stealing. While the slap did quite some damage to the thief, it also broke her hand in the process.
  • Les Yay variant in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS: Teana Lanster frequently manhandles her Shorttank partner Subaru Nakajima whenever she does or says something that ticks her off (Which is, well, often). Pretty amazing, since Teana's just a Smart Girl gunslinger while Subaru's a Lightning Bruiser Type-Zero Cyborg.
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Sousuke has been beaten up often enough by Kaname to break out in a cold sweat as soon as he realizes she's angry about something. Even though Sousuke is a ridiculously skilled mercenary and Kaname is just a very athletic high school girl. And, as the second season clearly demonstrated, the only thing Sousuke apparently needs to keep kicking ass is being reminded what real pain is by Kaname. And damn, she's good at that.
    • Likewise, Kurz Weber takes a lot of well-earned abuse from Melissa Mao for his antics. In this case, however, it's much more sensible, given that Mao is a former Marine and Kurz's hand-to-hand combat skills are comparatively a bit lacking.
  • Miyabi nails Kaoru with this in the second episode of Ai Yori Aoshi, due to Kaoru's Accidental Pervert moment with Aoi and Miyabi's Mama Bear reaction.
  • Nishizawa from Hayate the Combat Butler has a nuclear slap. Hayate find this out the hard way.
  • Bleach plays the trope straight when Ichigo Kurosaki, depressed and guilt-ridden, lets himself be beaten by an angry Tatsuki Arisawa who feels that he has betrayed their friendship. It's slightly subverted by the fact that Tatsuki is probably the strongest Badass Normal around, but Ichigo is much stronger than her and could have stopped her if he wanted to.
    • Also subverted when Rukia Kuchiki, not above using force to get her way, decides to kick Tessai in the backside to get his attention, only to find out the hard way just how Made of Iron he really is. Not only does he not feel it, he only notices her when he turns to see her cradling her injured foot.
      • The same happens in the flashback arc when Sarugaki Hiyori decides to kick Urahara in the nuts—and learns that Urahara is always prepared for everything. Painful lesson, indeed.
      • Again subverted when Orihime Inoue bitchslaps her jailer, Ulquiorra in the Arrancar arc. His skin is like iron, she just ended up hurting her hand.
  • Heavily subverted in Dragonball Z. Chi-Chi, Gohan's mother and the main Tsundere of the series, walks up to Majin Buu (who just destroyed almost the entire population of Earth) and slaps him, berating him for destroying everything. His response? He calmly turns her into an egg, and steps on her.
  • Parodied in Slam Dunk. Hanamichi Sakuragi has a Freak-Out (played for laughs) when his crush Haruko Akagi slaps him during a friendly date, right when he's gonna tell her that he likes her... but it turns out he had a mosquito on his cheek and she wanted to kill it before it bit him.
  • Genderflipped in The Prince of Tennis.
    • In the Rikkaidai team, Arrogant Kung Fu Guy sub-captain Gennichirou Sanada applies slaps to his teammates whenever they step out of line or lose their matches. Subverted because this is seen not as abuse of authority, but as a standard form of punishment, just as much as Tezuka assigning laps in Seigaku for various misdemeanours: in fact, at least two players have specifically asked to be slapped if they lose. In the manga Sanada asks his teammmates to slap him before the Finals, apparently as an apology for all the times he hit them.
    • During the American arc, when Ryoma acts selfish and rude by forgetting the team's needs, Tezuka straightens him up via a slap delivered in public. Later, his rival Kevin also is slapped by his American coach.
    • An Tachibana is a more straight example, trying to slap males twice to call them out on their behavior. The first time, Atobe catches her arm and tells her she's gorgeous when angry. The second, Kirihara tries to duck and falls down the stairs they were standing next to.
    • Let's not forget that, in Rokkaku, Bane slaps Dabide in public if he slacks in the courts. Or, if they're not playing, he kicks him in the head.
  • In Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Rena Ryuugu packs quite a punch. She usually does it playfully but still...
  • In the sequel to Kotetsu Jeeg, this is used as an actual (serious) attack by the titular mecha in the form of the Hell Slap which involves the Jeeg deploying spiles on its palm and igniting a jet on the back of its hand to deliver a a powerful slap to the enemy. A variant of this invloves the hand detaching and striking the enemies around it.
  • In Kyo Kara Maoh, Wolfram takes the time to verbally bash Yuuri's mother, calling her a Cheap Hussy. Completely pissed, Yuuri delivers a vicious slap to his face that sent the room into silence. Yuuri then learns to never do this again, because slapping someone's left cheek is a marriage proposal. So, he then became engaged to the very person who insulted his mother. Way to go.
  • A rare male-to-male example: In Initial D Second Stage, Seiji of Team Emperor, after his defeat at the hands of Takumi, gets slapped by Kyouichi, who follows it up with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Early on in The Sacred Blacksmith, Luke Ainsworth gets a glimpse of Cecily Cambell's assets after the monster they were fighting had shattered her BREASTplate and the undershirt underneath. The ensuing embarrassment, egged on by Luke's Nosebleed reaction, prompts her to beat his face in savagely.
  • Possibly the most literal example comes from Macross Frontier, when Klan Klan, a Zentradi giant, get upset with Mikeal, slaps his mech so hard that it knocks him off balance.
  • Female on female example from Bokurano: Anko repeatedly slaps Youko while screaming "What the Hell, Hero??!" at her, after she's revealed as The Mole from another Earth and Koyemshi's younger sister.
  • Gankutsuou: A male on male example occurs in episode 2. When Albert tries to make light of almost having been killed, Franz slaps him.
  • Ladies versus Butlers!: Oblivious to Love Idiot Hero + (Tsundere + Magnificent Bitch competing for his affection) = earth-shattering DOUBLE Armor-Piercing Slap.
  • Averted in Kaze no Stigma. Ayano often tries to slap or burn the more powerful Kazuma but he usually blocks it. In fact, its almost genderflipped in that while Kazuma never hits Ayano, he is able to tease her, be a jerk to her, or incite her jealousy with impunity. It is HILARIOUS to watch.
  • In Vinland Saga, Canute flips out, after Ragnar's death and Askeladd gives him one of these. It shuts him right up.
  • Ash's Butterfree becomes the victim of a wing slap in Pokémon, coming from a female Butterfree that he was trying to court.
    • Ash also got slapped twice by Misty very early in the series for his immature behavior (both cut from the dub).
  • Subverted in Hunter X Hunter: Killua once got himself and Gon beat up by the lady operating the elevator at the Tower of Heaven. Later, Killua decides that, since he learned to use Nen, he's free to insult her with impunity, but it turns out she can use Nen to and gives him another beating.

Killua: I think she's stronger than Hisoka.
Gon: How come I got hit?

  • In Soul Eater, whenever Spirit Albarn gets too weepy over his daughter, Shinigami will knock some sense into him with his "Shinigami Chop." Notably, unlike most uses of this trope the Shinigami Chop actually gets used seriously as a weapon, once, and it does an absolutely crazy amount of damage when Shinigami isn't messing around.
    • Maka's book serves a similar purpose for keeping Soul in line. Considering she calls it a 'Maka Chop' she most likely got the idea from Shinigami and her father.
  • Subverted in Saikano, where an emotionally agitated Akemi gives Shuji a whack across the face. Shuji quickly regains composure and hits her right back, causing her to break down in tears.
  • The sheer number of times someone gets slapped (particularly Anthy) in Revolutionary Girl Utena is staggering.
  • In Popotan, Ai slaps Keith after she realizes that he's been lying to her about their relationship, which is enough to make him stop seemingly trying to murder Daichi. What she says afterwards is probably more effective than the slap itself, but it helped get the point across.

Comic Books

  • A somewhat famous example from the Fantastic Four comics: following Ben Grimm's return from Battleworld of "Secret Wars", he discovered that his old girlfriend, Alicia Masters, had taken up with the Human Torch in his absence. He and the Torch fought, only to have the battle end when Alicia slapped Ben. In later flashbacks, Ben comments that even though he could barely feel the blow, it was the most painful one he had ever taken. (A later Retcon made this "Alicia" into Lyja, a Skrull replacement.)
  • The Spanish comic series Mortadelo y Filemon consists almost entirely of this trope with every character (including Mooks) being both on the dealing and receiving end regularly. Usually it takes the form of a severe pummeling, occasionally involving weapons, and sometimes the panel shows the would-be recipient running or hiding from his pursuer.
  • Dream receives a well-deserved one after he suggests to an ex-lover that imprisoning her in hell for ten thousand years for leaving him might have been a little harsh.
  • Superman receives one in a recent storyline. While talking to reporters, a woman comes up and gives him one because her husband died of a brain tumor while Superman was off-planet, and Superman could have saved him. She even tells Superman that she knew it wouldn't hurt him, she just wanted him to know how it felt. Doesn't explain the fact that she blames him for something he had no way of knowing about. The crowd of reporters mentions that after she leaves, but by then Supes already started having his Heroic BSOD.
  • Princess Sally delivers one to Sonic the Hedgehog's titular hero after he decides that stopping Eggman is much more important than settling down with her.
  • In Forgotten Realms Comics after one misunderstanding Ishi enthusiastically "explained" to Jasmine that Agrivar is not her lover and Vartan Hai Sylvar had to heal both ladies. He's way nicer than a typical Gold Elf, but rarely gets a clue to shut up, so...

Vartan: (to Jas) speaking of affairs, I was just wondering if you and Agrivar -- <Ssslap>
Ishi: (talking to Agrivar about her outburst) ...which means that I still find affairs of the heart a mystery.
Vartan: (to Ishi) You know, I was just talking to Jasmine about affairs -- <Ssslap>

Fan Works

  • At one point during the Tamers Forever Series, Rumiko Nonaka slaps Takeru Takaishi in the face when he reveals that he plans to allow Takato to die so that Daemon won't be able to aquire the power of Chaos.


  • In an extreme example, My Super Ex-Girlfriend has the title character throwing a live great white shark through a window at her non-powered ex-boyfriend for breaking up with her for perfectly legitimate reasons (and this is supposed to be funny). While the movie does depict her actions as being wrong, she is treated as simply overreacting. If the genders had been reversed, the superhero would have been treated as a monster. Just look at Hank Pym.
    • And that can be considered one of the MILDER things she does to him, since it doesn't involve public humiliation, loss of employment, or bodily mutilation.
  • Parodied in The Naked Gun 2 1/2, where Frank catches both of Jane's hands when she tries to slap him, only to have a third hand come up and smack him anyway.
  • The Master of Disguise: The Disguisey family used this as a style of martial arts:(consisting of slaps and blocks to humiliate your opponent). Pistachio took this form of combat to heart, Especially when his arch nemesis Devlin Bowman kidnaps Jennifer, & Pistachio's Mamma & Pappa.
  • In Batman Begins, after the trial in which Joe Chill, his parents' murderer, is killed by someone hired by Falcone, Bruce reveals to Rachel that he was carrying a gun and planned on murdering Chill himself, but was beaten to the punch. She slaps him twice, and he does nothing to stop her, despite the fact that he's still holding the gun. Granted, this was prior to him gaining extensive martial arts training, but his complete acceptance of her punishment made the scene very effective.
  • Played straight and inverted in Father Goose. Walter and Catherine have been sniping at each-other for the whole movie and it eventually leads to Catherine slapping Walter. He returns the favor in a heartbeat.
  • Averted in Night of the Living Dead. Barbara wants to leave the zombie-besieged house to help her (now-dead) brother. Ben doesn't want her to. She slaps him. He refreshingly after overuse of this trope, backhands her upside the head. He is seen in a no less sympathetic light.
  • The movie Groundhog Day has a montage of APSs, since Phil continues to make different moves on Rita, and is continually shot down.
  • A slight and rather justified variation appears in I Love You Phillip Morris as a fairly effeminite Phillip slaps Steven after Steven faked his own death to get out of prison (again) and he comes back posing as Phillip's lawyer (again). Phillip was never supposed to find out about the fake death and Steven couldn't risk telling him the truth either.
  • Played with and deconstructed a bit in Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow is self-honest enough to recognize the possibility that he might deserve any particular slap, but does not automatically assume so. So, each time, he thinks about it for a moment before reacting. Hence: A woman slaps him. *thoughtful look* "I'm not entirely sure I deserved that." Another woman slaps him. *thoughtful look* "I may have deserved that."
  • Perhaps the most famous example happens in The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy slaps the Cowardly Lion while he's trying to bite Toto. It apparently stung so badly that the Lion asked if his nose was bleeding afterwards.

Newspaper Comics

  • Alice from Dilbert has a slap that's not just armor piercing, it's powered by Chucktanium. She once slapped Asok so hard that his face changed into a Dolphin's.


  • In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Ron gets this from Hermione when he returns.
  • Honor Harrington does this several times to goad a hitman and professional duellist into challenging her to a duel to save his own honour. If you know anything about Honor, you can guess how that went for him.
  • Happen all the time in A Song of Ice and Fire. Cersei in particular is fond of it; subverted nicely once when Tyrion decides he's tired of taking it quietly. There's also a very literal, gender-flipped version with Jaime; when he gets his golden hand, he occasionally uses it for this purpose.

Jaime: Only a fool makes threats he’s not prepared to carry out. If I were to threaten to hit you unless you shut your mouth, and you presumed to speak, what do you think I’d do?”
Ser Ryman: Ser, you do not unders—
[Jaime hits him. With the golden hand.]

Live-Action TV

  • Subverted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buff gets pissed off when she walks in on Angel giving Faith a hug (Not What It Looks Like; he was merely comforting her) and when Angel refuses to let Buffy take Faith to prison she hits him. He reflexively hits her back. When Buffy pulls her sad-face in shock that Angel actually hit her, he calls her out on it by pointing out: "You hit me first, and in case you don't remember, you're a bit stronger than I am!"
  • Subverted at one point on That '70s Show, where Jackie attempts this on Fez, who simply catches her hand before it can reach his face and berates her for trying it. It's okay though, because it's a joke about how effeminate Fez is.
  • In 24, Jack is on the receiving end of one these when Agent Walker questions his humanity. She also brings Jack's dead wife into it, and Jack, seeing how pissed off she is, manages to control himself.
  • Subverted, surprisingly, in Moonlighting: Maddie is mad at David because he tried to defend a man who had beaten his wife in the heat of the moment after seeing her with someone else. When David starts complaining, she slaps him... and immediately realizes the Double Standard in the situation.
  • In the fourth season of the remake of Battlestar Galactica, Baltar publicly reveals that Kara Thrace died on Earth and the Kara they know is an Angel Unaware. Kara responds by slapping Baltar and storming off; which would hardly be worth mentioning but for the fact that Kara has always megaton punched anyone (even superior officers) who've pissed her off. Kara's 'mild' reaction was likely due to conflict between her anger over Baltar's action, and relief that it's finally all out in the open.
    • Almost certainly the case or else she would have little reason to go to Baltar in the first place (he had been expounding on his belief in angels and their goodness for a while to his fast expanding flock, and she went to him and gave him something that would prove what happened to her), especially as proving it would only make his own preaching look that much more true, and, though he did believe it, he was renowned for always doing whatever to took to advance himself.
  • Well to be honest, it would be hard to list all the times it has happened on Eastenders though it is worth mentioning that Peggy Mitchel is quite fond of it, as is Pat Butcher. People quite enjoyed it when they turned it on each other.
  • Happens to the Doctor a lot, actually:
    • Nine and Ten both complain about how they're always slapped by the mothers (though, if it's for something like accidentally returning her daughter 12 months later instead of 12 hours...)
    • In "The Impossible Astronaut", River Song does this to the Doctor after seeing him die in his future, but her and the viewer's past, assuming the death she just saw was some sort of cruel joke.
  • Kamen Rider Odin commonly uses this as an attack. He even knocks over a truck with it at one point.
  • Noah's Arc: Chance gives one to Eddie during a heated post-cheating argument.
  • Community. Jeff is on the receiving end of one of these after he kisses Annie, ignores her all summer, states "we're just friends", and then reveal he had sex with one of her class mates.
    • That was clearly a closed-fisted punch. There's an audible thud, Annies grabs her hand in pain, and Jeff gets a pretty bad nosebleed.

Professional Wrestling

  • Several female wrestlers (but mainly non-wrestlers) use the slap as their main type of attack. Stephanie McMahon is known to use this.
  • Male wrestlers also use somewhat-disguised slaps to avoid injuring their opponents. They still hurt, though.
    • And then there's CM Punk, who just slaps the shit out of opponents.
    • What about Ric Flair? WOOOOO!
    • Christian will occasionally tie his opponent up on the ropes and stomp on their back, then jump out of the ring and slap them in the face.
    • In the epic Wrestlemania XXVI match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, Michaels had just kicked out of a Tombstone Piledriver. He tries to claw himself back to his feet, to the disbelief of The Undertaker, who tells him to stay down. Michaels then mimicks Taker's signature taunt, and then slaps him in the face, causing the Deadman (regularly known for not selling) to stagger, before delivering a jumping Tombstone.
    • At the Over The Limit 2010 Pay Per View, R-Truth slapped Ted DiBiase Jr. so hard that he got a concussion.
  • Here's a list of females in WWE who turned heel by slapping people:

Video Games

  • Though we never directly see one, Pearl Fey in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series is said to have a thoroughly powerful slap (she knocks Phoenix out at one point). This is even more impressive considering she's only nine.
    • She's a cute little girl in a comedic series of games that are ostentatiously anime-influenced. She's the most dangerous creature on the planet - except for all the, you know, murderers.
  • In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, the White Magician Girl Mist does this to the warrior Boyd after he insulted her weight, knocking him back four squares. (Normal "shoving" knocks characters back one or two squares at most.)
  • In Lunar: The Silver Star, Nash abandons the party and later prepares to fight them in a silly-looking suit of armor, now titled "Magical Weapon Nash." So Mia slaps him in the face, which snaps him out of it. It helps that the armor doesn't exactly protect his face to begin with.
  • Final Fantasy VII has Scarlet, who would slap Tifa after she is strapped to her chair inside the execution chamber. Later, after she frees herself, Tifa and Scarlet would engage in a slapping contest on top of the cannon.
    • Hilarious considering Tifa is actually an expert martial artist. The fact she can crack skulls with somersaults apparently doesn't stop her from engaging in good old fashioned (and literal) bitch slapping every now and then. Or Scarlet from deciding it's a good idea to take her on barehanded.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics A2 manages to subvert this. After the "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight, there's a scene where Adelle gives one of these to Luso. Luso responds by slapping her back, which has Adelle shocked that he would strike a lady, and she slaps him again. Luso responds that she slapped him first, and slaps her again. It sort of continues from there until she rejoins the clan.
  • In Overlord II, your mistress administers one if you try to hit her.
    • Um, forgetting Overlord I, are we?
      • For those who have not played Overlord, attacking your mistress, or any of your (female) slaves causes them to slap you, sending your Evil Overlord Sauron wannabe flying accross the room. Armor-Piercing Slap indeed.
  • Metal Gear Solid. Punching Meryl while she is following Snake results in her countering with a punch strong enough to take him down. It's even better in the Guns of the Patriots. If you pat down one of the FROG soldiers enough times, she'll megaton punch you worse than Meryl, knock Snake flat on his ass and take a small chunk of his health for your troubles.
  • The Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3 doesn't slap men when she is angry with them and wants to shut them up. Instead she takes their pistols out of their hands, breaks it, and throws the pieces back at them. The effect is the same.
  • In Tekken 6, Christie administers one to Eddy when she finds he's been working with the Tekkenshu in an attempt to get the Mishima Zaibatsu to give her grandfather (i.e. Eddy's mentor) the treatment he needed. Suffice to say that Jin never followed through...
  • Eternal Sonata inverts this trope by having Jazz (male) use an armor-piercing slap on Falsetto (female) in one cutscene. And then he hugs her. This scene also subverts the Double Standard which is closely tied to this trope.
  • Several of the female enemies in God Hand have Armor Piercing Slaps as attacks. Gene himself has a few moves (such as Pimp Smack) that might qualify as well.
  • Sayori gets two Armor Piercing Slap moments in Yo-Jin-Bo. If you follow Yo or Mon-Mon's paths, Mon-Mon will try to garner sympathy (and thus, attention) by feigning a lethal injury. Upon discovering he's just fine, she slaps him. Or, if you follow Bo or Ittosai's path, Ittosai will make several comments about death and the uselessness of life, which angers her. Unlike Mon-Mon, it's surprising that Ittosai's only reaction is to protest that he's been slapped.
  • In the Tokimeki Memorial series, Kotoko of Tokimeki Memorial 2, being the Type A Tsundere she is, was the master at this, even going as far as slapping her own teacher, Kasumi (albeit for different reasons than love, unlike with the protagonist). And Suzune of Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series 2 : Irodori no Love Song delivered a powerful one to the Main Protagonist too.
  • In Mitsumete Knight, the main heroine, Sophia, delivers a brillant one to the Asian, the main protagonist, if he doesn't take upon himself after being insulted by Sophia's drunken father. She may be aware that her father is a pathetic wreck, but do not slander him in front of her (unless you're, CG-wise, a Hundred Percent Completionist).
  • Villainous example: Maple Story has Female Boss/Anego, a rather old-looking woman who can deal ridiculously heavy damage with a slap.
  • Kim Pine can pulverize hordes of mooks using a barrage of Armor Piercing Slaps while smiling like a maniac in the Scott Pilgrim videogame.
  • A very serious, tragic example happens in Rule of Rose when the protagonist Jennifer discovers her Berserk Button. The entire Aristocrat Club that tormented her until that point cringes as one.
  • Virginia, from Wild ARMs 3, gets this treatment twice : first by her uncle, who slaps her because she tried to be a Hero and could easily got herself killed (well, rushing in a dungeon, all alone at level 1, filled with gobelins smuglers isn't the brightest idea), and the second time by Maya, a Drifter like her (but way more experienced), who gives her a What the Hell, Hero? speech after Virginia tried to pursue the antagonists and nearly got herself killed, save for the intervention of her comrade Jet, who she completly ignored while he just saved her life, which prompted Maya's slap. She quickly realised how naive and stupid she acted this time, thanks to Maya's speech.
  • In RuneScape, at the end of the "Garden of Tranquility" quest, when the King starts deriding all your efforts, the player is left thinking "Well, excuse me Your Highness!" Then, the Queen, who up until that point has been quite a bitch, steps up and requests to speak to the King privately. She delivers him an armor piercing slap (that delivers 10 LP damage), and tells him to be grateful.
  • The Doubleslap attack in Pokémon can be considered this in-game.
  • Mr. Heart in the Fist of the North Star arcade fighting game has this as a Fatal KO, and as a level 2 super move in Ken's Rage.
  • Ashe delivers a rather undeserved armor-piercing slap to Basch toward the beginning of Final Fantasy XII. Granted, it's the first time she's seen him in two years, and as far as she knows he was executed for murdering her father in cold blood.
  • In Radiata Stories, the protagonist's older sister delivers these to him every once and a while. Later in the game, she can join your party and deliver them to your enemies in battle.
  • Red of Solatorobo ends up on the receiving end of these from Elh twice. Once after a Shower of Awkward, and once for ignoring Elh in favor of his fangirl posse in the Prairie Kingdom Cup DLC quest.
  • Jagged Alliance: Three words: ELLIOT, YOU IDIOT!!!

Western Animation

  • On Total Drama Action, Courtney seems to have no qualms being rather violent with her boyfriend, Duncan, whenever they go against each other in a competition. Duncan never returns the favor, although frankly, after she shoved a dirty diaper down his throat for absolutely no reason, one might forgive him if he did.

Web Comics

Real Life

Usually, this verges on People Sit on Chairs territory in Real Life, but there is the occasional playing with the trope.

  • The 2022 Academy Awards ceremony had a rare male-to-male example. Chris Rock - who had a history of not getting along well with Jada Pinkett Smith - made one joke too many at her expense on live television, at which point her husband, Will Smith, stormed the stage, slapped him, and told him twice to stop saying anything about her. The Academy overlooked the incident at the time, and Will Smith apologized when he was next on stage.