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    Attention: As VOTOMS relies heavily on plot twists and the Chirico saga is composed of 52 TV episodes, 4 Short Anime Movies, a 12-episode OVA, and two 6-episode OVAs released over a nearly 30-year period, it's not advisable to read the spoiler text as it can totally ruin your experience of a particular work. You have been warned.

    Main Characters

    Chirico Cuvie

    A Gilgamesh Federation pilot "raised" in a research facility on Sunsa by Yoran Pailsen from the planet Melkia, and the hero of the series. Groomed from birth to succeed Wiseman as God of the Astragius Galaxy.

    • A God Am I: It turns out Chirico is an Overman and that he was destined to become the new God of the Astragius Galaxy. He acted like this when he got the offer, but it was all an act to kill Wiseman.
    • Anti-Hero: Type III for most of the TV series, Type V in the last few episodes.
    • Badass: Taken Up to Eleven levels. This is the man who killed God. Twice. And then became His son's stepfather.
    • Blue Eyes
    • Boring Invincible Hero: Can sometimes approach this due to his nigh-supernatural nigh-immortality, but is somewhat counteracted by his depressed demeanor and the fact that even if he apparently can't DIE he can be wounded to extremely large degrees. Thankfully he heals from severe injuries such as gunshot wounds in a matter of days, and crippling injuries in a matter of weeks.
    • The Determinator: If there is one trait that defines him as a character it's this. You shoot him, you can kill the entire unit he's in, you can blow up the entire city he's in, you throw entire ARMIES at him and he doesn't. Ever. STOP.
    • Flashback Nightmare: In Super Robot Wars Z 2 Hakai-hen, he relives the events of the Pailsen Files OVA in the first half of Scenario 39.
    • Glass Cannon: In Super Robot Wars Z 2: Hakai-hen, his mecha goes down in a few hits, but if his Prevail and ????/ Abnormal Survivor ability kicks in, his damage and evade goes through the roof. In the series, he can make hundreds of kills, but can never seem to keep a Scopedog.
    • Hozumi Gouda
    • Human Popsicle: Chooses to become one at the end of the series, to wait for a world without war with Fyana.
    • Lawful Neutral: As a soldier, he follows some sort of ethical code but ultimately is just trying to survive.
    • Limited Wardrobe: Is practically NEVER seen, even in the side stories, without his safety-orange pilot suit.
      • The only time he wore something different was during the Melkian parade during the end of Roots of Ambition OVA, where he wore a green Gilgamesh uniform with a red beret.
    • Made of Iron: Chirico gets shot, stabbed, and beaten pretty often but has an incredible healing ability, which is one of his Overman powers.
      • To drive the point home, Chirico even survives a space station crash in Shining Heresy. Nuff' said.
    • Mid-Season Upgrade: In Super Robot Wars Z2: Hakai-hen, he gets the Red Shoulder Custom, Turbo Custom LRS and Turbo Custom ISS Scopedogs. Saisei-hen, however, grants him a completely new unit, the Rabidlydog. Subverted in the anime: he does get several upgrades, but none of them survive long.
    • Nerves of Steel
    • The Quiet One
    • Revenge: The Last Red Shoulder follows him and his old team as they attempts to kill General Pailsen.
      • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Especially early on, he treats every person who tries to kill him an enemies in his own personal war, meaning he simply arms up a Scopedog AT and goes after them with extrememe prejeduce, including massacring entire gangs and police forces all because their leaders tried to kill him. Gradually he moves away from this tendency to mass-murder his foes thanks to Fyana's love and the friendship of Gotho, Coccona, and Vanilla, though it remains an EXTREMELY stupid idea to screw with him at all.
    • Shell-Shocked Veteran: In the Roots of Treachery OVA, we see he was put through an extremely darwinistic Training from Hell when his superiors noted his uncanny survivability and transferred him to the Red Shoulder Battalion. His past with this group haunts him throughout the TV series.
    • The Stoic: His expression practically never changes, and it's such an iconic part of the character that he wears it on literally every image he appears in. However, There was that time Basara played Dynamite Explosion on Aim. Upon hearing the song, Chirico smiled.
      • Stoic Woobie: Though he never complains or Wangsts about it, his life has been truly hellish, which probably has something to do with his perpetual non-expression.
    • The Chosen One
    • Ubermensch: Despite being the one destined to be God, instead he killed the Evil God despite the power he offered; his battle's a pretty clear allegory for the differences between the Ubermensch and the Last Man.
    • Walking the Earth: After Shining Heresy, his stories always end like this.

    Boleuse Gotho

    A salvager and arms dealer who Chirico first meets during his time on Melkia in Woodo.

    Vanilla Vartla



    Mellowlink Ality

    The protagonist of Armor Hunter Mellowlink, one of the few OVA's that doesn't directly focus on Chirico himself. Mellowlink was a humble private in the Melkian Armed Forces who's entire unit was betrayed by his unscrupulous commanders, who are working for Chirico's mortal enemy, the Secret Society. As the sole survivor of the Schwepps Unit, Mellowlink hunts down the conspirators with nothing more then determination and an old anti-AT rifle.

    • Almighty Janitor: Officially, he's only a private. However, he ends up going up against former higher-ranking officers and proving himself a more capable soldier in spite of all the handicaps he's bogged with.
    • Badass: Though he isn't the one-man war-machine Chirico is, Mellow is seriously hardcore. Even though he was trained as an AT pilot, he insists on hunting down the men who betrayed him and his friends using only an anti-AT rifle.
      • To drive the point home, in the second episode he challenges his target to a Battling Match without even using an AT himself.
    • Batman Gambit: While Chirico seems to prefer using heavy armaments and AT's to fight his battles, Mellow favors trickery, traps, and deception, partially out of necessity.
    • BFG: Mellowlink's signature anti-AT rifle is truly huge, being slightly longer then he is tall.
      • Bayonet Ya: Mounted on the underside of the massive weapon is a huge piledriver spike, which is propelled by the same kind of 50mm explosive charge an AT's Arm Punch is, which Mellow uses to spear right through AT armor.
    • Cosmic Lottery Winner: Mellowlink is insanely lucky, even described as such during the final episode. However, unlike Chirico he doesn't have a milennia-old supercomputer backing him up.
    • Cool Bike: His vehicle of choice for most of the series.
    • The Determinator: Nearly as much as Chirico is, especially given his personally enforced method of hunting his targets.
    • Finishing Move: Mellowlink always kills his targets with the piledriver spike on his rifle.
    • Flashback Nightmare: One episode has him reliving the events of his unit's brutal demise after being stuck by a thorn from a plant that has hallucinogenic properties.
    • The Gump: Mellowlink's story takes place at the same time as Chirico's, and in some episodes it even takes place in the same locations at the same time.
    • Nerves of Steel: Most episodes have him facing down what amounts to a bipedal tank without even a vehicle to protect himself from their huge autocannons, and not even blinking.
    • One Buwwet Weft: To necessitate his Finishing Move, it's common for Mellowlink to run out of ammunition during the course of the episode and have to get up close and personal.
    • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The entire plot of his OVA.
    • Hot-Blooded Sniper: Though he keeps a cool head during fights, he's certainly prone to shouting and anger quite a bit more then the perpetually stoic Chirico.
    • Tribal Face Paint: Mellow is often shown with four lines of it smeared across his face. Though most of the episodes he's bare-faced, you know he's about to kill someone whenever he smears the four lines across his face, using different materials in different episodes, including mud, oil, Polymer Ringers Solution, and his own blood.

    Assemble EX-10

    Ru Shako

    A Quentian mercenary and a squadmate of Chirico's while he's fighting in Kunmen on Melkia. Plays a bigger role in the story during the Quent arc and Phantom Arc OVA.

    Kan Yu

    Gon Nu

    Pol Potaria

    • Cain and Abel: His sister is working with La Résistance, but it's actually averted as they aren't necessarily bad people even though they are tools of the Society.
    • Rebellious Rebel: He feels that the Veela rebels are misguided in their actions and believes that they can modernize if they cooperate with the Melkian government.
    • Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: Potaria becomes president sometime between the series and Phantom Arc and tries to carry out his vision, only to become the object of a coup d'etat and crushed to death.
    • Show Hayami

    Secret Society and Antagonists

    Col. Jean-Paul Rochina

    Kotta Luske

    A Gilgamesh intelligence officer, who brutally interrogates Chirico at the beginning of the series. His main objective for the first half is recapturing an AWOL Super Soldier, but his ultimate goal is to watch over Chirico for Wiseman and make sure that he succeeds in becoming God.

    • Banjo Ginga
    • Enemy Mine: Teams up with Chirico when they're under attack by the Society.
    • Hidden Agenda Villain:
    • Laughing Mad: By Shining Heresy, we see that the years have not been kind to him at all and he's just as obsessed with Chirico as ever.
    • The Quisling: In Pailsen Files, he kills Wockam and defects to Pailsen to help with his research after he's told that the "Pailsen Files" were faked research used to confuse them, and takes on his new name.
    • Villainous BSOD: He goes crazy when Chirico kills Wiseman.

    Albert Killy

    A Gilgamesh general, and leader of the Secret Society.

    Serge Borough

    Arron and Gurran Schmitel

    Proto One/Fyana

    A Perfect Soldier created by the society, who is the objective of the mission against the Gilgamesh forces that Chirico is on, who later becomes Chirico's love interest.




    God of the Astragius Galaxy and subject of the Secret Society's worship who manipulated the Balarant and the Gilgamesh into starting the war.

    • Deity of Human Origin:Was once one of the Overmen, a race of supermen from Quent who ruled over the Astragius Galaxy 3000 years before the start of the series. Now he inhabits a computer system.
    • Shut UP, Hannibal:Chirico turns down his offer.

    OVA Characters

    Gen. Yoran Pailsen

    Founder and commander of the infamous Unit X-1 of the 24th Melkian Strategic AT Special Operations Corps (the Red Shoulders). His goal is locating and creating a unit of "unique survivalists" akin to the Perfect Soldiers. After the war, he assists the Secret Society with their PS research. Appears in The Last Red Shoulder, Roots of Treachery/Ambition, and Pailsen Files

    • Chikao Ohtsuka
    • Complete Monster: Human experimentation is no problem for this guy. His experiments on Sunsa involve burning hundreds of children to death to test them for the "unique survivalist" trait. In addition, the Red Shoulders themselves are essentially the Waffen-SS, and he forces them to fight and kill each other for his research. The Brainwashed and Crazy Zaki is a result of his other experiments, and later becomes the basis for PS research. Not to mention, he manipulates Wockam into starting a useless battle that leaves 120,000,000 Melkians and a huge number of Balarant dead, and feels no guilt about it.
    • Evil Cripple: As a result of Wockam's torture he's left with severe brain damage and is confined to a wheelchair until his death in The Last Red Shoulder.
    • Insane Admiral: The "pet project" type; then-Colonel Pailsen's "unique survivalist" research claims the lives of over 800 soldiers and eats up huge amounts of Gilgamesh's equipment and funds.
    • Magnificent Bastard
    • Sinister Shades
    • Villainous Breakdown: During the end of Roots of Ambition, when he finds out that Chirico is still alive and now displays absolute defiance against him.

    Shining Heresy

    Teitania Montewells

    Vyacheslav Montewells

    A cardinal in the Church of Marteal and former Gilgamesh officer, who's making a bid to become pope. Makes appearances in Shining Heresy and Phantom Arc

    • Big Bad
    • Karma Houdini: Ultimately averted: he becomes Pope, but his daughter refuses to talk to him again and it leaves him utterly broken. In Phantom Arc, he tries to take resposibility for the Child of God from Wiseman, but Wiseman already picked Chirico. He dies from his own bullets ricocheting when he attempts to kill the child.
    • Moral Event Horizon: We found out that the "traumatic" memory of Teitania getting hurt in a car accident and him repairing her as a Nextant was actually an intentional order to his soldiers.
    • Sinister Minister

    Pailsen Files

    The Barcoff Squadron

    After Roots of Treachery, Chirico is transferred to a new unit of people who have a high survivability. Little do they know that it's Wockam's experiment to test the validity of Pailsen's unique survivalist research.

    • Dirty Coward / The Ditz: Dare Kochak, who sometimes ends up ruining their missions due to his incompetence; he began his career as a technician and never really hit his stride in combat. Nor Barcoff is also revealed to be this, since he was demoted back to MCPO from Lieutenant for abandoning his men while terrified.
      • Genius Ditz: Being a technician beforehand, however, allows Kochak to determine which mixture ratio of the PRL is best suited for an AT under certain environments, he even goes as far as to taste test it to see which is the most suitable one, which saved the Barcoff squad from a massive cold air-mass in ensuring that their AT's would still go on running without having the PRL to either freeze up completely or blow up right in their face.
    • Enfante Terrible: It's hinted that Zaki may be an early Perfect Soldier prototype.
    • Gonk: Kochak.
    • The Mole: Kochak reports the details of their survival to Wockam.
    • Vigilante Man: The "Gilgamesh Purification Committee" targets them for execution because Gary's survival somehow was the result of many deaths, even though those deaths are mostly not explained to the audience.
    • White-Haired Pretty Boy: Zaki
    • The Smart Guy / Big Good: Barcoff
    • The Big Guy: Gary Godan
    • Not So Invincible After All: After Chirico reveals that they were being tested, they let the idea that they're unique survivalists go to their heads. Kochak is killed as a result of stupidity in combat, Godan is killed not-so-stupidly under heavy Balarant fire, Barcoff makes a Heroic Sacrifice to cut through said fire, and Zaki is Driven to Suicide when he figures out he was made to kill Chirico.

    Fedok Wockam

    A Gilgamesh war hero and an important person in the Ministry of Intelligence who commands the forces of the Internal Security Service (ISS). He's the one who sets out all the tests that the Barcoff Squad has to pass; he wants to prove that they're unique survivalists in order to build his own power as well as humiliate Pailsen.