Arrested Development (TV series)/Recap/S1/E17 Altar Egos

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The Arrested Development episode "Altar Egos" provides examples of:

  • Foreshadowing: In the flashback to Michael in "The Trial Of Captain Hook", he asks the judge to throw the book at Hook. Guess what he does in "Justice Is Blind" to prove Maggie isn't blind.
  • Out of Order: This episode is supposed to come after "Missing Kitty". If you haven't seen Missing Kitty yet, stop what you're doing and skip ahead to Missing Kitty, because "Missing Kitty" is supposed to be seen before this one (it features the resolution of Tobias going to prison, and he's out in this episode). There was a horrible debacle involved involving airdates, production order, and this being a two-part episode with "Justice Is Blind", so as a result lots of content providers have them in any order they please (hence each one redirecting to the other).