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  • In the fifth book, when Holly dies, and Artemis ends up reviving her by shooting a bullet into the past. However, their reactions afterward are enough to make anyone go "Aaaaaaww".
  • Juliet and Butler's reunion in The Eternity Code, after Juliet skipped out on her training with Madame Ko after finding out Butler had died for a little bit.
    • The exchange that occured when Juliet found out:

Juliet: You mean, Butler needs me?
Madame Ko: No. I am reading the message as it's written. Domovoi needs you.

      • Cue Juliet running like hell for the airfield, completely abandoning her training to be with her brother.
  • Speaking of Butler's temporary death: "Artemis... call me... Domovoi"
  • When Artemis finally reunites with his father, Artemis Senior.

"Arty," he cried, stretching his arms toward me. "You're a man now. A young man."
I ran into his embrace, and while he held me close all plots and schemes were forgotten. I had a father again.

  • Also when his mother is healed.
  • While it's somewhat subverted since he does pull a Memory Gambit, the third Artemis Fowl has one of these at the end, when his memory of fairies and all related experiences are to be wiped. He reflects on how he's become a better person and is afraid that absent these memories, he will regress to being ruthless again.
  • From The Arctic Incident: "Well, young man? Have you found anyone worthy of your respect?" Artemis:"Yes. Yes, I believe I have"
  • In The Time Paradox, Artemis struggles to think of a way to make up for having tricked Holly into thinking she'd poisoned his mother with an incurable disease. He finally finds the answer when he tells Holly to contact her commanding officer while they were in the past so she could tell him everything she didn't get to say when he died.
    • In the same book: whether or not you're an A/H shipper, the scene with Holly crying and smiling after healing Artemis is very touching.

"Of course I saved you. I couldn't do without you."


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