Arx Fatalis/Nightmare Fuel

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  • Most of levels 7 and 8, and some parts of the crypts.
  • The Black Beast. Imagine a thing that resembles a hideous hybrid between a rat, a cat and a dog, size of a tiger, with nearly foot-long claws thar can cut rock, snake-like head, solid white eyes and a gaping maw filled with needle-like teeth which form a gruesome "smile" when the creature is about to attack. Your weapons cannot hurt it at all, and it can kill you in one swipe. It can run very fast, but does not because it knows you will not escape, so it follows you, slowly, with echoing steps, through the tunnels of a dwarven vilage (covered by guts and blood of the population which the beast genocided and devoured), blocking tunnels with its bulk (so you can't avoid it if it catches you), busting every door you close and tearing through the walls sometimes, completely unstoppable. At one point, you have to go into the dead end, search the mutilated dwarven corpse for the key and return ASAP, while you hear Black Beast is near the door you need to open; if you linger, it goes for you, cutting you from the door, and you turn a corner and bump into it directly face-to-mouth (and jump in your chair), and now you have two options: dying here or running back and dying there ten seconds later.