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  • The entirety of the episode "A Lesson in Tightropes," which has Ginger needing an emergency appendectomy after Darren breaks up with her. The song "Splinter in my Heart" combined with Ginger's surgery, her mother looking back at her life, and a shot of the mantle in their house with photos of the Foutley family including a small candid shot of Jonas (Ginger's biological father), are a perfect example of this trope.
  • "Hello, Stranger" has Ginger reciting a poem she wrote for her father who never showed up to hear it read. The episode was nominated for an Emmy Award for a reason.
  • Another of Ginger's poems, "And She Was Gone," and the accompanying episode with the people around her thinking that the poem is a warning sign for suicide.
  • In only the second episode of the series, "Carl and Maude," Carl befriends and falls for an elderly woman named Maude. He invites her to dinner and plans to propose to her. She dies during dinner.
  • The strain of Ginger, Dodie, and Macie's friendship over their different levels of maturity in "Come Back, Little Seal Girl."
  • "An Even Steven Holiday Special" with Jonas visiting his family.
  • Ginger overhearing the phone conversation between Mipsy, Miranda, Dodie and Macie to break her and Darren up in "Wicked Game" coupled with the end of the episode where Dodie tries to call Ginger and instead leaves a tearful apology message on her answering machine.
  • All this time and no mention of the last minute of "No Hope for Courtney"? With the principal announcing to Carl's class of the passing of Mrs. Gordon.
    • And the memory dedicating Kathleen Freeman's passing. Happening before the episode was finished.