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Рябиновый вальс ("Ryabinovy vals", Ash Waltz) is a 2009 Russian war film.

It is the end of the Great Patriotic War, and Russia has been liberated from the Nazi war machine. But the war work is not yet done, as the enemy left behind many land mines, which have to be cleared. The State Defense Committee organizes teams of young people to clear the countryside of the mines.

The film focuses on a team of these young sappers working near Oshta, a village in Vologda oblast. Their instructor is the soldier Alexei. During the film, he forms a romance with Polina, a young widow, while the sappers perform the dangerous task of demining. But Polina's husband is not actually dead. He returns, and events become even more complicated....

Tropes used in Ash Waltz include: