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Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie


Pinkamena: Sweet dreams, Tumblr.

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Pinkamina: I don't have a suit made of multiple ponies first of all. I mean, that design is so inefficient. It only takes one pony to make a proper suit! Like this suit I'm wearing right now was all made from one pony, all down to the tie. Very classy.


Scootaloo the Sadist

Ask Lil' Miss Rarity

  • Rarity became a shut-in after a series of disapperances and rumors of a murderer began floating around shortly after Pinkie became Pinkamena. Her cat Opal then scratches her face and she reflexively kills Opal in response. She then realizes she enjoys the pain and she finds Pinkamena's blog, developing a sexual obsession with how she tortures her victims. She then basically becomes a Psycho Supporter of Pinkie and Scoots, and even more openly deranged than either of them, making a Pinkamena doll out of Opal's skin, cutting herself for satisfaction, and she becomes ecstatic at the thought of her number coming up on Pinkie's Lottery of Doom.
  • Rarity explains how she got the way she is. At first it's just a flat explanation, but then she gradually slips into treating the Pinkamena doll as if it was the real Pinkamena, loving her back and cutting her up. She even mentions sewing Opal's heart into the doll, so she would know Pinkamena loved her back.
  • Her dreams:

I dream of Pinkamena. Blood. Wounds. Stitches. I had a dream the other night, I was swimming in a red river, and the water was full of little blades that cut me when they swam by.

  • Rarity decides to enhance that heart-shaped scar on her chest. By branding it.
  • The artist of the blog, Jay, has promised that the story would gradually move in a more Silent Hill psychological horror direction. He wasn't kidding. All of Rarity's scars suddenly open back up, bleeding everywhere. Sweetie Belle bandages her up, but covers her mouth, and Rarity can't breathe. While Sweetie Belle runs off to find Twilight, Rarity coughs up blood and dies. Twilight manages to resuscitate her in time, but not before Rarity has a vision of her Pinkamena doll, staring at her, covered in Rarity's blood.
  • Rarity is chained up in Celestia's dungeon. She reflects on how much she's changed, and how much she actually enjoyed it. Then she hears a voice. It's the Pinkamena doll. It crawls out of her chest, encouraging Rarity to keep being evil and perverted. The doll, drenched with Rarity's blood, then opens its mouth and makes out with Rarity. With tongue. The worst part? You can't tell if it's actually happening or if Rarity's severely hallucinating.


  • It's about Luna who has gone insane while on the Moon. Luna speaks in slow, short sentences while talking about what she does on the moon, like how does she eat she eats herself, but as a goddess her parts just grow back or what she does for fun rips her eyes out. The creepiest part is this isn't Gorn, the art is all done in a stylized simple form.

Ask Friendly Twilight

  • This one focuses on Twilight, at the height of all of her friends going insane or dying. Still needing to write her friendship reports to Celestia, and Spike mysteriously absent, Twilight completely loses it. She also constantly sports her Slasher Smile from Lesson Zero, messy mane and all.
  • Twilight "tortures" Lil Miss Rarity.

Ask Flutterstalker

  • This focuses on Fluttershy becoming a terrified, paranoid stalker who hides in her home and fears what her friends are doing.

Ask Fractured Loyalty

  • After escaping from being turned into "cupcakes" by Pinkamena and seeing the rest of her friends go insane, Rainbow Dash becomes an extremely cynical and nihilistic rebel who, despite still caring for her friends, does not care what others think and does what she wants, rules or morals be damned.

Ask Crapplejack

  • Applejack, fearing her sister's safety as well as her own after watching her own friends go insane, becomes an extremely paranoid and reclusive shut-in. She relies on excessive amounts of alcohol to calm herself and will not hesitate to shoot anything that steps foot on her farm.

Ask Eldritch Discord

  • This is basically Discord if you take away the Affably Evil aspect, and replace it with pure insanity, with an incredible art style to boot and Slasher Smiles in almost every post.

Psycho Ponyville

  • Psycho Ponyville... is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Unfortunately. Hope that eyeball pony and Slasher Smile background don't get to you before the sudden music does. Yes, that's right - this site manages to make an old 90's website cliche horrifying.
    • Can someone please add some more to this? I'm too scared to look further...
      • It's just a collection of pictures of creepy ponies, the occasional grimdark fanfiction, and a warped version of Smile, Smile, Smile and Hush Now, Quiet Now playing in the background. Best if you turn your laptop down. Otherwise, that's it.
      • Think of it as a ponified verson of the Mutter Museum.

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