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Authors, and Websites


  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • A series of fics, mostly one-shots, centered on Altair and exploring various aspects of his life. Well-written, with solid characterization.


  • Recommended by Shebali
  • A series of stories taking place during, and after the events of AC, as Altair and Malik search for Eden pieces.


  • Recommended by 3LW00D
  • Everything ranging from silly one-shots to a long multi-story adventure. Small mistakes here or there but nothing that takes away from the plot-line or mood. A great place to go for AU or Apple shenanigans.

General Fics

Bitter Leaves and Blossoms Bright by callalili

  • Recommended by Lornak, Gadeel
  • Pairing: Altair/OC
  • Synopsis: Isra a dirt-poor peasant girl taken in by the Hashshashin at an early age. We follow her as she grows up and is educated in everything from history and languages to the fine art of sneaking. Along the way, she acquires a arrogantly laconic (or laconically arrogant) partner in the form of Altair.
  • Comments: The prose is lovely and understated, and Isra is exactly intelligent and witty enough to be engaging and relatable, not annoying. Characters, even small ones, are sharply sketched and you get a good impression of life within the Masyaf fortress, and everywhere else Isra ends up. Altair (Perfectly in character, and fleshed out with a couple of grumpy little Pet the Dog moments) doesn't pop up for a while, and doesn't become a main character until even later, but you hardly notice, because the story is utterly engrossing. Seriously, callalili, change the names and try to get a publisher up in this bitch.

Wisdom, Sorrow by Nevar23

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Synopsis: Altair deals with the aftermath of Al Mualim's betrayal and with the challenges and temptations the Piece of Eden poses. (Written before AC2 came out.)
  • Comments: Starts off a bit shakily, but really picks up as the story delves deeper into Altair's psychology and the way the Piece of Eden is affecting him as well as the choices he is forced to make. All in all a great exploration of the "He who increaseth wisdom, increaseth sorrow" phrase.

Rise of a Grandmaster by LadyVe

  • Recommended by Dommie222
  • Synopsis: Fanfic through Robert de Sable's point of view.
  • Comments: Interesting and historical accurate Sympathetic POV fanfic told from Robert de Sable's eyes and thoughs. We gets details about his life and how it formed him to the Knight Templar he had become, and it does a great way to paint those details.

The Assassins' Archives: Ginevra by J. Tyler (Crossover with The Company Novels) (Tropes page)

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883
  • Pairings: Mario x OC. Yes, really.
  • Synopsis: One night, Ezio returns to Leonardo's with a woman who appeared out of nowhere before him and survived not just a stabbing but a very long fall. Neither have any idea how much their world will change for her presence.
  • Comments: A Fish Out of Temporal Water/Peggy Sue fic, but one that proves surprisingly compelling. Let not your initial misgivings about the concept deter you.

La Bella da Firenze by Retro-Rebel85

  • Recommended by lotsoflol
  • Pairings: Ezio x OC
  • Synopsis: Ezio hunts a Templar splinter group named "The Followers of the Black Book" throughout Italy. It's better than it sounds.
  • Comments: Retro-Rebel's stories can be hit and miss, but he's managed to keep a steady record of good ones since late 2009. Some details from the game are incorrect, like Ezio having blue eyes instead of hazel ones, but overall it's a good story about revenge and love.
    • Further Comments: Action sequences are nicely done, and there are flashbacks to flesh out the backstory.

Assassin of the Opera by iguanablogger

  • Recommended by Meshakhad
  • Synopsis: Ezio, Leonardo, Rosa, and Antonio go to see a musical... about Ezio.
  • Comments: Just as hilarious as it sounds.

Reversal of Shadows by agryu

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Synopsis: Threatened by a direct attack on their maestro, those who once paraded the streets now mimic the eagles that they hunt, and take instead to the shadows.
  • Comments: Ezio vs. the Templar agents from Brotherhood with a double agent Leonardo in the mix. A chillingly excellent depiction of how much more dangerous the Templars became when they changed tactics and became more reminiscent of the Order in the modern era. Ezio's characterization is a masterful balance of legendary skill and human vulnerability, of sharp judgement and fatal personality flaws - Boring Invincible Hero is subverted hard. Also, this is one of the few fics in which Leonardo's work with the Borgia plays a central role, and likely one of the best Ezio&Leonardo non-shipping fics. The writing style is beautiful. Well worth a read.

Assassins Creed: Creature of the Night by Lio76

  • Recommended by N Hale
  • Synopsis: (Underworld crossover)) John Ledra, a Werewolf-Vampire hybrid, has been fightging for Viktor against the lycans while living in Florence Italy. During this time, He is trained by Ezio Auditore while working as a Death Dealer. His past unknown to him, his journey is one of self-discovery as he leaves numerous marks on history.
  • Comments: First chapter is a little rough, but it keeps getting better the more of it you read. It works well in blending two universes that shouldn't really exist together. I love how well the character of John Ledra develops and the OCs he meets along his journey spanning centuries. Some scenes are rather emotional and I look forward to more.I don't want to give away too much of the story.

Shipping Fics

The Sword of Damocles by Anya alNighter

  • Recommended by Not A Physician
  • Synopsis: Altair x Malik, Ezio x Leonardo and permutations. AU, where Ezio does not miraculously recover in Roma.
  • Comments: I can't say too much without spoiling the plot,but I will say that this is a wonderfully written fic,and very in character.
  • Warnings: It has graphic male/male in it,so be warned.

Fast Cars and Airplanes In Heaven by TheAllPowerfulOz

  • Recommended by PhantomGamerTouch
  • Synopsis: AU, Modern times. Altair is a PI contacted by Giovanni to rescue his kidnapped son, Ezio...
  • Pairings: Ezio x Altair
  • Comments: I have read and reread this thing so many times, it's ridiculous. It's so well-written and very deep, and in-character too. The author played with ages a bit, but it is an AU.
  • Warnings: Graphic m/m in later chapters, abuse, long!fic is long