Association of Transwikist Tropers

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    Given that this is a troping website, all information pertaining to tropes and troping, as well pages on tropable works are automatically welcomed without question.

    However, not all content in the history of troping wikis was ultimately deemed suitable for inclusion in the long run:

    • Troper Tales: Personal accounts of tropes encountered in daily life. While this had a harmless enough motive, in the long run this content proved hard to police to keep questionable and often perverse or even potentially illegal content from being being published, and it was eventually purged from TV Tropes and relegated offsite as a result. All The Tropes does not carry this content under the same logic.
    • Fetish Fuel - As the name says, where tropers talk about what turns them on. Yet another bad idea, this went into the gutter fast and was banished from TV Tropes for the same reasons as Troper Tales, and ATT does not cover this material. However, there is a wiki on Wikia more suited towards this sort of thing.

    By default, ATT wishes to retain all troping relevant material, but there are those who more believe material such as the above is better off on an offsite wiki than here, and if another situation arose where some content was deemed too controversial to keep here, those who agree with this philosophy would support its placement on another wiki.