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Asterix and the Big Fight

Fridge Brilliance

  • This might be exclusive to the Swedish dubbed version, but in Asterix And The Big Fight, I was kind of annoyed with how the soothsayers' voice was. It sounded too deep and dark and emphasizing and extravagant and...showy. And at about this point, I realized -- of course. He's a con man. He isn't supposed to sound like an actual person, he's supposed to sound like the idea of a fortuneteller, the stereotype -- and truly, he does have a slightly different voice the few times he mutters to himself, and entirely different when he goes insane toward the end. Also, Infirmofpurpus' voice sounded, always speaking in a slightly awkward fashion, but what really bothered me was that his voice seemed to be cracking, or at least hoarse. Then I understood that...well, he was terrified out of his mind, so when he screamt he had to be screaming as loudly as he could. And living next to the crazy Gauls, he'd have to do this quite a lot. Of course his throat would go sore and his voice would go hoarse after a while. - Farmelle
    • This is also present in the original French version. The soothsayer is hammy as hell (and deep) when he's pretending, but as soon as he gets nervous (like each time he's talking to the centurion), his voice gets higher and he even stutters at times.