Astral Journey: It's Complicated/Nightmare Fuel

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Pretty to count, where do we start...

  • A car crashing into the pitch during a game, knocking a lamp post... causing an electric field.
  • Being separated from your body thanks to an Astral Projection, spare a thought for Emma.
  • Seeing your daughter and not being able to help her, Emma had to see her mum go through that one.
  • Emma facing the possibly of becoming paralyzed, look a tracheotomy is one thing but...
    • Heroic RROD: Each attempt to regain controls gets to her.
  • Seeing Victoria in the mental ward due to her eating disorder, heart attack, and Bungled Suicide, then having to see Melanie being admitted against her will.
  • Melanie being electrocuted in front of Emma and Nick
  • Melanie's two heart attacks.
    • If that wasn't enough, Emma brought up the time Melanie almost choke to death. Luckily, thanks to Emma employing to Heimlich Maneuver and CPR, Melanie survived the ordeal.
  • Emma is brought into rooms that she's not used too due to her developing abilities.
  • Having seizures when using her newfound abilities does scare Emma.
  • Both Emma and Melanie having blackout while entering their astral form, right in front of their family.
  • Melanie's fear of choking causing her to pretty much "waste away".
    • Being infected with worms, Melanie had became a dinning hall for them.
  • Melanie's family seeing how sick she really was.