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1963 anime

  • Dr. Tenma/Boyton's reaction to his son's death... the worst being when we cut to him in his office, sobbing into his desk...
    • And then later on in the episode is his rejection of Astro. Goes from saying he'll teach his son how to fly and jump mountains to ordering him angrily to get out.
  • From Snow Lion: "This is how it ends: in the snow. If it's the last thing I do, I'll put Astro Boy in the Robot Hall of Fame. Yes, Astro Boy, you've earned your place here with the best and here you'll stay for eternity... and here I'll wait for you, my friend. We'll face the end together."

1980 anime

  • Tenma's desperate search for Astro in the second episode. Curse you, Hamegg!

Tenma: (calling for him) Tobio, I'm sorry. You are my child.
Astro: (trapped in a suitcase) Father... I'm here... Help me...(slips into unconsciousness)


2003 series

  • Astro's 'death', short as it may last. Especially Tenma's Please Don't Leave Me
  • The hug between Astro and Tenma in the final episode.

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