Astro Boy (film)/Tear Jerker

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  • To anyone that read the original or knows anything about Astro's creation will see this coming as soon as Toby appears. Toby dies. Toby get resurrected by Tenma into Astro. Astro doesn't act like Toby that much. Tenma disowns him. It's the thing you expect the writers to have just glossed over... gets fully shown...
    • Granted, they completely changed Astro's cause of death (he gets hit by a car in both the manga and some of the adaptations), but it otherwise might have been too scary for kids.
      • May have been Meaningful Echo, given the climax of the film.
      • There's also a remote possibility that Toby was absorbed by the Peacekeeper. I was somewhat expecting that as a kid-friendly ending.
    • The aforementioned Please Wake Up scene also brings tears.
    • Tenma's collapse after Astro's heroic sacrifice. Just when Tenma realized how much he really did love his robot son....