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  • Quite possibly the best part of the newest demo, besides the fight on the moon, features Asura waking up in a hot spring, he is then greeted by his Old Master Augus, who proceeds to shout that he lacks training because Asura couldn't handle a fall from the heavens (his words, not mine). Augus then proceeds to give Asura a speech about what it mean to live; said speech is, in this order: Fight and eat, fight and drink, and fight and sleep with hot women. And fighting with hot women too!
    • After Asura says he's "Nothing like Augus", Augus says, "So you think." And motions for two handmaidens to serve him and his student drinks. Both handmaidens are wearing little more then a veil hiding their face, a loincloth, and a bra. After one of the handmaidens seats next to Asura, to give him his drink the first thing Asura does is stare at her rack, and you actually have an Action Command to get him to look up! After that you have a partially controllable part where you can, look around, which causes certain things to happen if you stare at something long enough I.e. stare long enough on the woman boobs and she covers her self. Drink, or chug sake, bothe the former and the latter cuase your vision to start blurring. Yes you read that right, you are getting Asura drunk. And you can stand up.... Which makes the handmaiden look down and have look that says "oooh...
  • All those actions cause your "Burst meter" to fill, and when it's full, and Asura is full on drunk, you activate a sequence where Asura stands up and starts to reach for the handmaidens boobs...only to get punched right back down to his place by Augus, who proceeds to laugh as Asura floats up from the spring water with his mouth open.
    • There's even a trophy for it. Called "Denied".
  • How about in the same scene where we see a giant Buddha (it seems to be the same Buddha as in the very first Asura's Wrath trailer) about to walk away and then slip in a nice fashion.
    • Bonus points because not only does it slip, it fades out/DIES upon hitting the ground.
    • A smaller Buddha in that same scene will freak out when Asura looks at him and ducks into the water in an effort to hide...and drowns itself.
  • This. Is That a Finger?
  • Some official artwork fall into this, like this one for example.
  • Pretty much anything involving Augus will serve as this. In addition to the hot springs scene:
    • The tutorial ends with Augus rewarding Asura... with a headbutt. That knocks Asura out.
    • A flashback of Asura fighting an elephant Gohma ends with him flinging the Gohma into the air. As it flies towards Augus, he simply extends his fist forward... and flicks it away with his thumb. He then gets ready for Asura's incoming attack... only for Yasha to promptly open-hand block Asura and fling him away, flailing.
    • Asura's last flashback segment ends with him and Augus figuring out who will fight the last Gohma in front of them. They decide on a race... at which point Augus immediately chops Asura in his face and gets a head-start.
  • The face that Lord Deus makes upon being defeated and passing out.
  • One from the promotional materials: To advertise the game at NYCC 2011, Capcom set up a soundproof "Rage Cage" at their booth. You stepped inside and screamed as hard and as loud as you can, and if you got over 90%, you got a poster. Getting 100% ("Asura's Wrath" rank) earned you an Asura wig with headband, and getting over 100% entered you in a sweepstakes for $150 of Capcom stuff. The wigs were highly desired, and who was walking off with the majority of them? Young girls and women. They tended to walk off with minimal effort, while the guys usually struggled quite a bit.
  • The absolutely epic Oh Crap face the Purification Troop Major Taison has when he tries to land on Asura in the elevator during Episode 9: Best Laid Plans and Asura manages to catch him.
  • The intro to the second half of Episode 22 has this. You think that it's all over, that Chakravartin will give Asura his happy ending at last and he'll accept. The prompt even says to extend your hand as Chakravartin has. It didn't say anything about said hand being balled up into a fist and smashing it into his face.
    • Also if you screw up on some of the quick times in the last battle you can get some quite funny scenes.
    • Toward the end of the second to last battle, Chakravartin, after getting punched one too many times, flips his shit, tosses away his staves, and starts trading punches with Asura. Seeing the normally calm magic spamming Chakravartin suddenly attempt Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs against Asura is utterly hilarious.
    • The entire ep 22 Recap/epilogue is made of this, with everyone being reincarnated in really humorous roles that actually match them well. In summary:
      • Asura's still a Papa Wolf, who apparently beats up modern-day Wyzen for accidentally stepping on Mithra's foot. Sergei's a famous dancer. Augus is a Japanese tourist. Deus is a CEO of some big shot company who helps Emperor Strada cross the street. Olga is his secretary. Kalrow's a speed-hungry old man who is pursued by Chun-Li. A meteor falls to the Earth, and Asura prepares to destroy it.
      • Heck, even the bath house attendants can be seen selling burgers now.
  • Some of the faces Asura and Ryu do when they receive a super blow from the other are uproarious! Especially Evil Ryu's one when Asura Groin attacks him!!
    • Akuma kicking Ryu back to the Street Fighter dimension in Lost Episode 2 is so random it's hilarious.