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Fridge Horror

  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire has a blink and you'll miss it example. As the sub is filling with water, Audrey slams the door on at least two fellow engineers.
    • So I'm not the only one who noticed it?
    • Or what about the friend Packard was speaking with over her intercom (the one whose husband left her)? Well, the chances are high that she was on the ship as well. There were no female survivors other than Packard, Audrey and Helga. Understandably, Packard looked quite disturbed after the moment of mourning the dead.
    • Or the fact that the Atlantis they found was only a small portion of the whole continent.
    • Most of the Atlanteans are most likely hundreds of years old, and it's heavily implied that this long age is granted to them via the giant crystal under their city. It's certainly proven that the crystal is all that keeps them alive. Now, if Rourke had succeeded in stealing it, what exactly would have happened? Everyone would have aged to dust? Or would everyone have just fallen over dead?
      • It might help that this troper just thought that they'd age normally thereafter.
  • Pay very close attention to the scene when Rourke throws Helga off his blimp. As Helga is being tossed over the gondola's railing, you can see her fall in the direction of the blimp's propellers, which are located just below the gondola, yet fortunately for her she received not cuts at all after hitting the ground since it's implied that she missed hitting the propellers. Now imagine what will happen if Helga actually landed on the propellers...