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Known as Attack No. 1 (アタックNo.1, Atakku Nanbā Wan), the first televised female sports anime. The manga was written by Chikako Urano in 1968, and the anime began in late 1969 and ran through 1971. First mean to capitalize on the success of the 1964 Olympic volleyball team, it ended up bringing more mature fans to the Shoujo genre, compared to Sally the Witch's success in that time.

Kozue Ayuhara is the heroine, who transfers to Fujimi college and impresses the volleyball coach when she tries out. After making friends and enemies, the story highlights her struggles and triumphs as she matures and tries her hardest to become the best volleyball player in the school, Japan and the world.

Inspired the series Attacker You and Attack on Tomorrow (made several years later by a different animation studio but featuring several of the same staff). Even in 2006, it still ranked #9 out of 100 in the list of celebrities' favorite anime. In 2005 a live-action drama was made based on the series. The original anime also has many fans in Europe, particularly in Germany, where it was shown as Mila Superstar (with Kozue renamed Mila).

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Tropes used in Attack No. 1 include: