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The longest tourism commercial ever.

For those interested in the country itself, you may wish to try All The Tropes' Australia: Useful Notes, or the search results for "Australia".

Set in the Northern Territory of the 1940s, Australia centers around the lives of the English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), a half-Aboriginal boy, Nulla, and an Australian known only by his occupation: Drover (Hugh Jackman). The trio, accompanied by friends, attempt to drove the herd of 2,000 cattle from the property to the army's meat ship in Darwin. The town, port and the island that Nulla was shipped to when Australia would send Aboriginal children to Christian Missions is subsequently bombed by the Japanese.

Did we mention that it's not only called Australia and set in Australia, but stars Australians, was directed by an Australian, funded by an Australian (albeit one with US citizenship), written by several Australians, filmed in Australia and premiered in Australia. In AUSTRALIA! [1]

Tropes used in Australia (2008 film) include:
  1. (and as Hugh Jackman told in the Oscars, "everything is being downsized due to the recession. For example, next year I'll be starring in a film called New Zealand.")