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      In Australia, ABC is the "Australian Broadcasting Corporation", a public broadcaster modeled after The BBC. No affiliation with the American ABC that's owned by Disney.

      Long Runners

      • All Saints
      • Blue Heelers (Drama/Cop Show, 1994-2006)
      • A Country Practice. A show that focussed on the doctors of the Wandin Valley Hospital and their private practice. To a lesser extent, it was also a cop show that had storylines relating to the one-cop Wandin Valley Police Station.
      • Four Corners (Current Affairs, running since 1961)
      • Heres Humphrey (Children's programme, 1966-2003). Most Australians would first cite Humphrey as an example of the Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal.
      • Hey Hey It's Saturday (Variety/comedy, 1971-1999; 2009; 2010;). One notable recurring segment was "Red Faces", a talent show along similar lines to The Gong Show. Two Reunion Specials were aired in 2009, and the show was brought back for 2010.
        • On Wednesdays for the first half of 2010, back on Saturday when it came back from hiatus.
      • Home and Away (Soap Opera, running since 1988, 4500+ episodes)
      • Homicide (Famously gritty cop show, 1964-1977. Notable for introducing the phrase "Police! Don't move!" shouted loudly; older Australians may get it)
      • Media Watch
      • The Movie Show (Movie reviews, running since 1986; Americans have Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, we have Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton (though we usually just call them "Margaret and David"). They switched networks in 2004 and now host At The Movies, which is the same show in all but name.
        • The Movie Show did continue on for a while afterwards, featuring younger hosts, but was soon canceled. One of the hosts now works on the ABC show Hungry Beast.
      • Mr Squiggle (Children's programme, 1959-1995, in which a puppet with a pencil for a nose (who lived on the moon) would draw things upside-down and converse with a bulldozer and a talking blackboard (a grouchy talking snail was also involved). No, I don't know what we had in the water in 1959 either.)
        • A good test of an Australian's age is to ask who was Mr Squiggle's human offsider. Their answer will tell you when they were watching the show.
      • Neighbours (Soap Opera, running since 1985, 5000+ episodes. Far more popular in Britain than in its native Australia, although it still has its share of viewers (aided by it usually sitting in between The Simpsons and another popular show in Ten's schedule until 2011 when it was moved to 11). The number of viewers overseas has several times surpassed the entire population of Australia.)
      • Play School (Children's programme, running since 1966)
        • Not to be confused with the British show of the same name which ran from 1964 to the 80s. But it is close.
      • Rage (Music Videos, running since 1987. A long, overnight weekend program which frequently shows videos unexpurgated and uncensored -- when you see a lowercase "rage" logo fade in at the start of Youtubed music videos, it's from this show.)

      Other Noteworthy Australian shows

      Really Short Runners

      • Australias Naughtiest Home Videos (A one-ep spinoff of Australia's Funniest Home Videos, the Nine Network's owner[1] saw the first act (which involved, among other things, animals having sex), called the station, and ordered them to pull it "get that shit off the air!". It went to commercial after 24 minutes, and came back as a Cheers rerun. In 2008, the entire episode was finally aired, complete with a link segment to mark the spot the original broadcast was cut off)
      • Let Loose Live (Hilariously unfunny sketch comedy show, pulled after two episodes)
      • Yasmins Getting Married: short lived reality show that was based on the succesful Scandinavian show Kerry's Getting Married, only lasted for 4 episodes.
      • Stooged: Lame Punk'd rip-off that only lasted for 2 episodes.

      Childrens' TV producers

      In terms of childrens' TV, the most prolific producers are Jonathan M. Shiff Productions (of Blinky Bill, Ocean Girl, and H₂O: Just Add Water fame), and the Australian Children's Television Foundation (a government-funded organisation behind shows such as Spellbinder, Dance Academy, and the beloved Round the Twist).

      1. Kerry Packer