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  • For Episode 11, the creators finally found an actual girl to voice Katara, and a damn fine Mae Whitman soundalike to boot. The episode could have just started with the character sounding different with no explanation given, but instead, it changes halfway through, when Pakku's sexist bullying causes Katara to take a level in badass.

Katara:"I...I...I said...FUCK THAT! I am sick and tired of this shit and I'm not going to let it happen any more. I'm done being captured, I'm done falling for every guy I meet, and I'm done taking the backseat in fights. I don't want to heal, I want to kick ass! Starting with YOURS!"

  • Emo-Zuko kicking Sokka's ass the very first time they meet, considering how he fails at pretty much everything else he tries to do.