Avatar: The Abridged Series/Quotes

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Zuko: I know you're out there, chocolate - (gasp) The Avatar?! Time to make daddy love me!

Katara: Oh, Sokka, you're back. How was the fishing?
Sokka: I fought a shark!
Katara: Oh ... well, at least you still got paid. Right?
Sokka: Yes. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. But since I literally spilled my own blood for this money, we're not just going to spend it on the first gimmick we see, ok-
Katara: Hey, look, a fortune teller!
Sokka: That's it! If there is anyone up there, just strike me down! Right now! (is attacked by a duck) Ow! Why a duck? Why a duck?!

Bato: "Sokka, for trying to get out of this dangerous and abusive ritual, you get the Mark of Intelligence; Katara, for being manlier than your brother, you get the Mark of Courage; and Aang, for holding the puke bucket for Sokka, you get the Mark of Trust."
Aang: "Yeeeeeaah... about that..."
(Gilligan Cut to Sokka and Katara leaving Aang)
Aang: "...I think they took that well."

Sokka: Skepticism, skepticism, skepticism...

Katara: Aw, Sokka, you're a comic relief character! You couldn't beat up a shortbus full of nuns.

Sokka: Let me get this straight. You can invent tanks, jetskis, and a gigantic friggin' drill, but the concept of a hot air balloon ... eludes you.
Mechanist: Um ... yes.
Sokka: I hate this world and everyone in it.

Aang: "Y'know, I've been thinking, umm... maybe I can sort of teach you things, as I learn them? Y'know, where no one can see us... all alone... under a starry sky..."
Katara: "Really? That's a GREAT idea!"
Aang: "YES! Score!"
Katara: "What?"
Aang: "I mean whores! (Beat) Sokka made me say it."

Sokka: "HEY!"

Katara: "I don't understand. How come I can't fight just because I'm a girl?!"
Pakku: "Listen, lass, haven't you ever played an RPG? Final Fantasy? Dragon Quest? Other than being the bloody lowve interest, lasses do one of two things. They heal or they summon monsters. And since I dunt see you pullin' a bloody dragon out of yer arse, get in the back row and CAST SOME BLOODY CURE SPELLS!!"

Katara: "F... Fu..."
Pakku: "You're gonna have t' speak up, lass. I can't hear ya over the sound of your own menstruation."
Katara: "I said-" [voice changes] "Fuck that! I'm sick and tired of this shit and I'm not going to let it happen anymore. I'm done being captured, I'm done falling for every guy I meet, and I'm done taking the back seat in fights. I don't want to heal; I want to kick ass. Starting with yours."