Avatar: The Last Airbender/Haiku

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The world set ablaze,
A twelve-year-old to save it:
I think it might work.


Fire, water, earth and air
These forces united will
conquer a reign most vile

The boy studies bending
in hopes of balance's return--
 Power of Heart pwns u.


And yet to this day
The thing the fans fear the most
Are those shipping wars.

Aang, the Avatar.
It’s the last good show on Nick.
No Invader Zim?

—Rabid Biscuit

Children learning skills
So they can fight the Big Bad.
Kids deep kissing?? Squick!


All I have to say
Is if you want some haikus,
Sokka's got your back!


I wanted to write
Something for this, but Sokka
Paddled my canoe.


Sokka is a pro.
He knows how to write Haiku,
But he can not count.


The name is Sohka
Prounounced with an Oak-uh
No lady was rocked.


You've got Zutaara,
Or Kataang and The Doph too-
Any way, Flame War.


Fucking love this show
I can't wait for the sequel
Let's watch it again

—Amayirot Akago

Zuko is tortured
Torn between good and evil
He kicks his dad's ass

—Amayirot Akago

Toph: Crazy Awesome
Best earthbender in the world
And yet she is blind

—Amayirot Akago

A world torn by war
A race of nomads destroyed
Glowing boy brings peace.


Eyes eerily white
The elements are angry
Don't take his bison.

—The Warrior Of Many Faces

Iroh, truly wise
Knows solution to troubles
The answer is TEA.