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Ryan Randa[edit | hide | hide all]

Age: 19

Quote: "I'm trying to be a gentleman. Don't make my job any harder than it needs to be, okay?"

Physical: Medium build, 6'1, auburn hair, thin auburn beard, blue eyes

Mental: Excessively sarcastic, meme-spouting, idealistic/do-gooder, highly analytical

Powers: Energy Conversion and Absorption, Power Assimilation

Weapons: Handgun, Sword

Bio: Ryan Randa is a middle-class citizen of Tucson, Arizona, until Yukari Yakumo whisks him away for a new life in Gensokyo. His physical abilities are moderate, not anything to brag about, but his true talent lies within his mind. In the scatterbrained community that is Gensokyo, Ryan only appears to blend in - he thinks at a much higher level than the common human or youkai, and considers many factors they do not. He is very friendly to humans and youkai alike, until they have given him a reason not to. He has a firm loyalty to those who would treat him right, and will stand by them until there's heavy evidence that they're not to be trusted.

Currently, his only ties are to Cirno, Reimu, Meiling, Yukari, and Utsuho. Reimu was Ryan's first friend in Gensokyo, and though they argue time and again, they agree for the most part. Cirno is Ryan's self-proclaimed rival, and as Gensokyo's strongest fairy she feels the need to shoot down the newcomer human. Meiling is his best friend in Gensokyo so far, seeing him as a "fellow warrior" - every time they meet, they get into a minor scrap...one could actually call her Ryan's genuine rival. Yukari is Ryan's self-appointed guardian, having brought him to her land for unknown reasons - however, in spite of this, she's proven to Ryan that, until something changes, he can trust her with his life, if need be. Utsuho is the only person Ryan can relate to on a deeper level, as her power is akin to his own. The two have formed a "Tag-Team Spell Card", "Heaven and Hell's Fusion "Unified Universe"" by combining their powers, and have used it once in chapter 26 against Commander Iza.

Chino[edit | hide]

Age: ??? (Appears roughly 14)

Quote: "None can hope to best Chino, the elite soldier of the hollowed-*blasted*"

Physical: Stands around 5'3, wears a loose plate armor on his upper body, brown slacks, a thick red cloak, and iron boots

Mental: Appears very prideful and arrogant as a norm, but will quickly become timid and cowardly in the face of immediate danger

Powers: N/A (?)

Weapons: Two large, feather-shaped daggers (Has also been seen carrying around a ruby that can be used for distant communication)

Bio: Chino is a sparrow youkai, and an incapable one at that. Thus far, his blunders include a failed recruitment of Utsuho Reiuji, and a disastrous try at infiltrating the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Shortly after being captured, however, he disappeared...

None can say if his "elite" standing is of his own accord, or...that of someone else...

Warning: Spoilers Ahead![edit | hide]

Common Sense, AKA Common, AKA CS[edit | hide]

The embodiment of Ryan's common sense. He takes form when Ryan uses his Spell Card "Taboo Incarnate 'Mirrored Catastrophe'". He appears identical to Ryan, but talks like a surfer. Also, he can't use any Spell Cards, since he is one himself.

Commander Iza[edit | hide]

The leader of Sasa Sanctuary's Warrior Sanctum, the terrorist group of avian youkai. She is extremely dedicated to her cause, and will use any means necessary to achieve her goals. Also, very very racist and sadistic.