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The cast of the Aveyond and associated tropes.

Debuts in Ahriman's Prophecy[edit | hide | hide all]

Talia Maurva[edit | hide]

The main character of Ahriman's Prophecy. A young girl with red hair who lives with her grandmother, but is tasked to become a magick wielder in the mainland.

Devin Perry/Pendragon[edit | hide]

Talia's village friend, a blue-haired blacksmith boy who is a year older than her. He was tasked with escorting Talia to the mainland.

Alicia Pendragon[edit | hide]

The blond-haired crown princess of Thais, who is surprisingly adept with the sword.

Jack[edit | hide]

A black-haired young street urchin who lives as a thief who joins the party. He makes another appearance in Aveyond 2 after being freed from a curse that turned him to stone.

Debuts in Aveyond: Rhen's Quest[edit | hide]

Rhen Darzon/Pendragon[edit | hide]

The main character of Aveyond 1, a young village girl with purple hair who discovers that she has sword singing abilities.

Lars Tenobor[edit | hide]

A young green-haired noble who looks down on commoners, and was the master of Rhen when she was a slave. He is a skilled mage apprentice.

  • Casting a Shadow: His powers upon joining the Necromancer's Guild.
  • Character Development: He gets nicer to Rhen by the time you reach Sedona - that is, if you don't take into account that Rhen is actually royalty, which kind of makes his change less significant. Still, if you don't join the Elite Mage guild, Rhen herself notes how much he's changed. Also, his dialogue in the (optional) mansion, where he says he might have liked Rhen if it were not for the circumstances, is pure Ship Tease.
  • Child Mage
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Him with Rhen.
  • Playing with Fire: His powers upon joining the Annihilator's Guild can be both this and Dishing Out Dirt.
  • Spoiled Brat: He gets better.
  • Time Master: One of the Guilds he can join.
  • The Red Mage

Elinidana'ter'Lithir de Armaiti[edit | hide]

White-haired female demon summoner who joins Rhen and Lars on their quest, while aiming for her own quest of getting another husband to add on to her stash of three.

Dameon Maurva/Pendragon[edit | hide]

The Sun Priest, a brown-haired man who turns out to be a traitor.

Te'ijal Ravenfoot[edit | hide]

A red-haired vampire who has sadistic tendencies.

Galahad Teomes[edit | hide]

A paladin serving the King of Sedona, who hates evil.

Pirate John[edit | hide]

A pirate who was thrown into prison because he refused to marry a Veldtian woman.

Mad Marge[edit | hide]

An overweight barmaid who is in love with Pirate John.

Debuts in Aveyond: Ean's Quest[edit | hide]

Ean Okho[edit | hide]

The main character, a brown-haired young elf.

Iya Tiki[edit | hide]

Ean's friend who went missing one day. After being saved by Ean, she discovers her powers as a Song Mage.

Rye Zoyle[edit | hide]

A young green-haired hunter who likes to adventure.

Emma Willow[edit | hide]

A maid who wishes to become a swords master.

Ava "One Eye"[edit | hide]

An infamous pirate who turns out to be a woman.

Nicholas Pendragon[edit | hide]

Second in line to the Thais throne. Sent by his brother Uthar to grow up.

  • Character Development: If you keep him around, he becomes a bit nicer by the end.
  • Optional Party Member: You can either have Nick or Gavin at any one moment because they hate each other too much to be in the same party. Unless you download the patch which allows you to have both.

Gavin Morven[edit | hide]

A warlock from Bogwood.

  • Casanova
  • Optional Party Member: You can either have Gavin or Nick at any one moment because they hate each other too much to be in the same party. Unless you download the patch which allows you to have both.

Debuts in Aveyond: Orbs of Magic Series[edit | hide]

Mel Darkthrop[edit | hide]

A black-haired thief girl who trains in Thais as a spy.

Edward Pendragon[edit | hide]

The Crown Prince of Thais.

Stella[edit | hide]

An amnesiac purple-haired dark-skinned girl whom Edward and Mel found in the ruins.

Lydia Rupert[edit | hide]

A green-haired noble lady who wishes to marry Edward and become Queen.

Ulf[edit | hide]

A small orc who wields axes. He joins the party wishing to escape his fate as the runt in orcish society.

June[edit | hide]

A young magician who specializes in trickster spells.

Yvette[edit | hide]

A shapeshifter who can turn into different birds.

Nox Tenobor/Darkthrop[edit | hide]

A creepy young girl who haunts Mel with cryptic statements at random intervals. She turns out to be Mel's daughter from the future.

Uma Tenobor/Darkthrop[edit | hide]

A mysterious girl with healing powers who tries to stop Nox from taunting Mel. She turns out to be Mel's daughter from the future, and Nox's twin sister.